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asked in Old by Assistant Director (44.8k points)
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Kmg became blockbuster coz of jaadu.........lol

still dipika ke pas more bb nd atbb nd hits than akii bechara aki, king of flops even rajpal yadav nd abhishek ki itni flops nahi jitni aki ki hai

10 Answers

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One third of Chennai Express collections were due to Deepika Padukone only...even SRK fans would agree with that...!!

answered by Star (150k points)
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Kmg became blockbuster coz of jaadu den...........

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Rohit Shetty hadn't crossed 200cr worldwide before CE and Deepika is getting good movies at present and she is capitalizing greatly on them thats it. If SRK was not there in CE then it wouldn't have released on Eid as Eid was already booked by OUTIMD and Deepika wouldn't have dared to clash with Akshay Kumar at box office all alone.

Deepika only had 1 100cr grosser before CE and that too with new born superstar Ranbir Kapoor . Also CE's music was not like YJHD and was popular only due to SRK. If Deepika would have been there then only God knows how many people would have known about CE music as it was just above average in quality.

And SRK took the promotions of CE to a huge level. Deepika or Shetty would have maximum got just a hit is SRK was replaced by any small actor. It was SRK who bought the movie CE in a whole different league and his starpower drove the movie to the highest grosser position.

And regarding Ram Leela opening , it was expected as music was very popular and trailer was very well recieved. Even Grand Mastii opened hugely. So can you call Vivek or Ritesh more popular than Akshay who is struggling to cross 70cr ?

answered by Assistant Director (41.6k points)

Thanks bros

Brilliant answer bro

Sab lines ka almost ek hi meaning hai.

Rohit ka toh naam hi nahi leya tune.. and songs se movie hit hoti hai, toh PPNH toh BB honi chahiye thi.. Isn't it?

@sehgal lagta hai tu pike aya hai aaj. .....pehli line ka pehla word Kya hai dekh jara. .......

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Chennai Express was a BB because of SRK, Shetty and Deepika combined..

answered by anonymous
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If You Agree That,3 Idiots Became ATBB Due To Rajkumar Hirani,Excellent Script,Kareena Kapoor,Sharman,Chetan Bhagat And K:3 Became BB Due To Vivek,Kangana,Super Hero Film.

answered by Producer (101k points)
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srk's highest grosser bfore ce was 120 cr and ce collctd around 208 cr so yu can say ki the 88 cr diffrence is bcoz of deepika and rohit shetty

answered by Camera Operator (10.6k points)

talaash grossing only 92cr...so that means remaining 110cr for 3idots came because of raju hirani and kareena....

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I like some of the great answers here.

answered by Second Unit Director (72k points)

1 post nahi dali tune akki ki why ?

Bhai koi news aayegi Akki ki toh zarur post karunga.

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Whole cast and crew of ce deserve the bb title nt only deepika or srk.

answered by anonymous
+2 votes

you are saying this like everytime srk gave a record breaking opening in last 18 years deepika was with him......

answered by anonymous
+1 vote

100cr in three days only possible wid srk........

answered by anonymous
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Ab bolo Deepika ne bana diya Ramleela ko hit aur patkani dedi SRK ko through BM highlighting her supremacy over SRK.

Jai deepika.

answered by Camera Operator (8.3k points)
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I don't think you noticed 2 big announcements on top of homepage..!!

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