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On Social Sites - some reviews are already out and all of them are POSITIVE (ranging from 3 to 4 stars)
and Public - For my area/group/circle of friends (which is quite huge) - its not a craze but definitely to watch it this coming weekend....

and the best lines in one of the reviews:

Nawaz’s fans Should watch BB for him! Because Salman Khan’s crazy fan followers will watch the movie, I strongly recommend that all the people who don’t like this Khan and his movies, should not miss watching one of the most entertaining movies of the year!

Other Review

Surrender yourself to Bajrangi Bhaijaan and let him win you over with his child-like charm. A must watch for those who complained that Salman doesn’t try anything different

Latest Update :

Now more reviews coming from more standard websites - Like TOI, HT etc...and its all not to be missed film

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Prakash jaju who was always sayin negative about BB the film earlier even he said : Reports are extraordinary n if a bad film like kick can do 230 cr then sky is limit for BB

Akshaye Rathi sed: Reports r indicating the highest grossing Hindi film ever so pk 335 cr in danger

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I am very much excited & thrilled. Twitter is filled with positive reviews of the film. Best of luck to SALMAN KHAN & Bajrangi Bhaijaan <3

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This may b d first time tht a Salman khan film will not get any negative review..
so all in all till now only +ve reviews are coming
bt it is better to experience it by self instead of believing some one else...

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