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Straight up warning: The film as it's title explains is only The Beginning of a wonderful story. The conclusion of the story will be told only in 2016 when the second part releases.

Story -

Sivudu (Prabhas) is saved by Sivagami (Ramya Krishna) from the soldiers who've turned against Baahubali family. Before she drowns in the river, she makes sure the baby is in safe hands. But an infertile woman who can't have kids decide to raise Sivudu as her own kid without knowing who he really is. The instinct of Baahubali blood in Sivudu makes him reach for the impossible with the help of Avantika (Tamannaah) who is on her own mission to save her Queen Devasena (Anushka Shetty) from the hands of the baddie Bhallaladeva (Rana Daggubati). Without knowing Devasena is his real mother, Sivudu volunteers to save her. He's in the enemy land, saving his own mother without actually knowing her, fighting his own real enemies who've sworn to kill him & more than that he cannot understand a batallion of people who consider him as god. Who is he? What is his back story? Why people consider him as god? Who was his father? These questions are only half answered in the second half because everything else is reserved for 2016 by super clever SS Rajamouli.

Plusses -

  1. The very first shot involving the huge waterfalls & Sivagami's way of saving the baby. You'll know you've a winner already. Masterstroke by SS Rajamouli.

  2. The next few minutes involving Prabhas & ofcourse the huge waterfall followed by the giant "Lingaa" which you've seen in the posters. Yet another winning scene.

  3. Tamannaah as Avantika looks like a real angel. She's a feast to our eyes & her beauty is meant to be watched on the big screen.

  4. The introduction of Rana Daggubati. He was born to play this role.

  5. Only Ramya Krishna could've done justice to this character of Sivagami. Very matured & powerful performance.

  6. We only see Anushka Shetty playing the older Devasena but she has one scene with super powerful dialogue delivery. She is very convincing.

  7. All the visuals right from giant waterfalls, giant avalanche, beautiful scnearies, giant statues, giant kingdom... It's money well spent. Every frame shows the hard work.

  8. Action scenes are top notch. The war scenes is again something to be seen only on the big screen. Simply the best. Haters who cried foul of 300 copy etc... Slap yourself & come to the theaters so that you can once again slap yourself.

Minusses -

  1. Songs, especially the item song which was needless. Other songs have super hot Tamannaah so even if the songs are the negative point nobody can complain the visuals. Seriously I can go on & on praising. I only wish the songs to be more catchy even though the lyrics are very meaningful & part of the storyline.

  2. Some scenes do give you a feeling of predictability.

  3. Oh yeah this one thanks to CBFC... I got distracted at every scene involving an animal be it elephant, snake, horse or baison. The CBFC has forced the makers to display the disclaimer "C.G.I." which irritated me throughout.

The Best Part - It's how the first part ends. The way it ends makes up for any of the feeling of predictability created in our minds. That's again a masterstroke by SS Rajamouli which gets the audience super excited for the second part releasing next year.

Why SS Rajamouli is a Genius? - He has captured the audience in his grip. If you've to watch the second part, you must watch the first part. And whoever has watched the first part cannot stop himself/herself from watching the second half. It's the power of his vision & narration. If you think the story is predictable, you would still want to experience the vision of SS Rajamouli.

My Rating - 4/5

Final Words - I would be proud to have this film representing Indian Cinema. Like I said all these are only half praises. The rest of the praises will be showered next year.

Watch the film.... OUR FILM.

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@suhas how are the special effects /vfx/animation ?


Mind blowing... Only a couple of them seems unreal but well that's to show only heroism. But everything else is at a whole different level. Something to witness on the big screen. The detailing is mindblowing, be it the giant waterfalls, giant statues, palaces, war sequences & especially the beautiful scenaries, the landscapes.

You can say a landmark has been achieved in terms of VFX. It's a full on visual treat.

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This movie is epic. It can't get any better. I thought the visual wise the trailer was okayish but the movie is just awesome. The actors are nicely picked and all seem to have given a very good performance. Story is also quite good. But I just found out that this is just the first part and 2nd part will come in 2016. Can't wait for the sequel.
Only only problem was the cost of one ticket was 25 US Dollars (a big LOL). Even 3D movies like Jurrasic World is 14 US Dollars at max. Typical rate is 8.5 US dollars. It's 3 times more.

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its,good to hear positive words from you....................


@lxbhsh ,aapne dekhi kya film ?


@vinay no...i got saturday tickets..............


ok.please post your review after you watch it...............

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Yes, I'm one of those proud north Indian who watched Baahubali first day first show. and yeah it was 'epic'. No other film of Bollywood had this kind of sets and production values, you don't need to listen it, just see it to believe. Piku's dialogue 'motion se emotion juda hua hota hai' fits for Baahubali completely.some scenes would give you goosebumps, some will make you screaming like hell, Baahubali impact on you right from it's beginning. well I can't say anything about the plot as it will be a big big mistake. moreover the plot is still not revealed completely so I can't even state anything here. performance wise Prabhas leads here, full marks for him. Rana as Bhairavwas too good and he looked powerful. Others too were fantastic. But the star of the show is SS RAJAMOULI. take my bow sir. you are fantastic..just superb. Can't believe such a film can be made in India, the special effects were even better then movies like 300. It was an unbelievable experience. Thanks for all the makers related with this film. you guys rocks. And hell why a second part man? I could have watch this film for hours even if all parts released together. Can't wait for the conclusion. My rating 4.5/5.

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Watched it just now...people here have already written so much...I would rate it 3.5/5...predictable movie but good action and production values.

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estimate the exact budget mahn...........you comes very close always....


Bhai paper wagerah me to 250cr bola hai...I don't know how much of it is true...ha 2nd part ka agar ginu if there is something extraordinary to ho sakta hai...going by the standards of 1st film,the total cost of both the parts should be around 200cr...250cr seems too much...its not like prabhas is charging 50cr or something

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This movie is epic.... Barring 1-2 heroism scenes and songs film is really outstanding...
Rajamouli is visionary guy... It proves once again. ... Visual effects are extraordinary. ... You can't get better Mahn. . Go and give applauds to our product. .. 4/5.

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glad to hear that.....................................


Bhai, I am marathi guy.. I watched this film in total Marathi favoured area... when I went to watch movie I got amazed. There was line and huge croud for Baahubali. .. first time happening for South Indian film... wow Mahn. .. This is really amazing. ..


that was super.............

catch up baahubali: conclusion in 2016.....................................

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Just came back home after watching Baahubali
Enough has been said about the film so writing a short review
S.S.Rajamouli deserves full credit for dreaming something extraordinary and executing it on the big screen effectively.
When you see the opening scene in which the baby is saved in the exotic background ...you are almost sure that you will have your money worth... Cinematography ,The VFX and the pictursque landscape is something is simply outstanding. The war scenes are as good as Hollywood flicks like 300 or Wrath Of Titans..Every frame reflects the hard work and dedication of Rajamouli abs his team.
Prabhas as Sivudu was very good and was superb in war scenes.
Rana as baddie Bhalladeva was so good that it seemed he was born to play this role...
Tamannah as Avantika was cute and angelic
Ramya Krishna as Sivagami delivered a top notch mature performance
Anushka as Devasena had a short but powerful role ..She will gave an excellent role in the second part.
Overall it is an experience of lifetime ..Go watch it and Experience the magic of Rajamouli...
My rating--4/5

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.....@anand1199 bro when u announcing winners of review contest?.....i m excited 4 d results....


Winners have already been announced.. Few days back... Check the question...All participants have got bonus as well.

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4/5 - An amazing movie !!!!!!!!!!!

Watchout for conclusion in 2016

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My Rating- 4.9/5
Salute to Sir S.S Rajamouli ..Proud feeling for all indians............

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Just now watched baahubali.First half is good but in some few scenes it left with me quite bore.2nd half is simply awesome especially war scenes and climax which steals the show.My rating 4/5.Eagerly waiting for part 2.

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