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The first competition of the Box Office Battle™ is - Predictor of the Month.

How is it played?

Users participating will be asked to predict the firstsecond and the third day Box Office Collections of a film. The differential between the actual and your prediction will be given out as points. Lesser the differential/points, more chances of you winning. So basically, the person with fewer points will win. 

 **note** If there are multiple releases in the same weekend, then we'll ask you to predict the collections from any of the days of the weekend that we choose. Maybe Movie A's collection on Day 1Movie B's collection on Day 3 and Movie C's collection on Day 2.

For Example :

1) User A predicts, 1112 and 13 Cr for a film and User B predicts, 10.5,12 and 14 Cr for a film.

2) Suppose the actual collections gave out by BOI is 10.5511.75 and 13.8 Cr. The difference between the actual and the predicted figures will be given as points for the Users. (Actual - Prediction = Differential/Points)

So based on the instances 1) and 2) above,

User A‘s points for three days are – (1110.55=0.45) + (1211.75=0.25) + (1313.8=0.8) = 1.5 Points.

User B‘s points – (10.510.55=0.05)* + (1211.75=0.25) + (14-13.8=0.2) = 0.5 Points

As you can see, the differential/points of User B is lower than of User A, so User B is the winner here.

The competition will be played season wise. 1 season = 2 Months(8 weekends). And the player topping the leaderboard will be featured in the Homepage as The BO Forecaster of the Season. I will maintain 2 leaderboards, one Season Wise and the other for All Time Points.

* Points will always be in Positive. 

Rules & Regulations:

1) Never post your predictions in the thread. I'll post a link from where you will be able to post the predictions directly to me.

2) Send exact figures only, Your predictions must not include a range of possibilities. 

2) The predictions cannot be changed. Once you send a prediction to me, that one will be considered final, no changes will be allowed. So make sure to think it through before sending Prediction.

3) I will not accept any predictions after the deadline. If any user fails to send the prediction in any of the weekends, a penalty will be added to his point total.

(Penalty= Points of the user last in the same weekend + 1) If User A scored 4 Points,(the most differential that weekend) then the penalty for the user not predicting that weekend will be 5.

4) The person with the least points(differential) in a given weekend will have the option to challenge any user of his liking for the coming weekend's prediction.

(Suppose User A topped the leader-board with least differential in a weekend and he opted to Challenge User X for the next weekend. The coming weekend, the prediction competition will be held as usual, but the differential of the two players(User A and User X) will be taken aside and the one with least differential among the two will be announced as the winner. The loser, will receive a penalty.) Suppose User A won the challenge, then the penalty for User X will be - (User A's differential that week + 1). vice versa. 

The topper can also choose not to exercise this power, but he'll have to choose someone else to use that power instead. And the second user who receives this power must challenge someone else other than the topper for the same.

Prizes (Total Available Prize Amount - 55,000)

Rank Prize in Points
1 15,000
2 10,000
3 7,500
4 5,000
5 4,000
6 3,000
7 2,000
8 1,500
9 1,250
10 1,100
11 1,000
12 800
13 700
14 600
15 500
16 400
17 300
18 200
19 100
20 50


Glossary :

a) Differential: It's a game of Differential. The differential is the difference between the predicted figure and the actual figure announced by the BOI. Basically, fewer the differential, more chances of you winning.


Got Doubts? Answer below and I'll get back to you!


Here is the list of Participating Members.



in Competitions by Assistant Director (48.8k points)
100% Accept Rate

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It sounds awesome! I'll be happy to finish in the top 10, anything more will be a bonus.


Glad that you found it interesting.


Hey, Zin. Please check pm


zin how can i join this competition??i have posted predictions for BB already...so vl my name be in the list??

4 Answers

+2 votes
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by Camera Operator (10.6k points)
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Glad that its not too complicated.

+1 vote
by Director (122k points)

Why didn't you register?


I did .. told us to write " I'm in" ..I did that.

+1 vote

I want to be part of the competition....Add me plz

by Producer (102k points)

Will Add.

0 votes

Is it compounder compulsory for top user to challenge someone..??

by Mega Star (207k points)

No, he can stay put too. But he'll have to choose someone else to use that power instead. And the second user who receives this power must challenge someone else other than the topper for the same.

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