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asked in General by Production Accountant (27.9k points)
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So some Srkians are again making fun of themselves again n again....
last year India wale, manwalage > Kick whole album this is only for srkians bt for the general audience it was a reverse case n result was jumme ki raat yaar na mile n hangover were bigger hits lol..
same thing is gonna happen again..
Hny < Kick.....
Dilwale < BB...

answered by Editor (80.8k points)
edited by

@Baadshah den wht shall i call to a group of 3/4 Srk fans as still d leake of some varun n kriti song 20 sec teaser they r saying better than BB whole album tht to d likes of Raahil Boxofficeman Agan etc
Look Karan khan started it...


okay...........but i was not a part of it.......n i m an SRKian........khair....leave it


@Baadshah yes it was my mistake so frm nxt tym i vl use d word some to denote a few users n nt all okh...
see i editted it..


okay........i will try that too.........so now we will become achay bachay

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nothing is more vulgar than lungi dance and criminal songs .
why ra 1 was not a A certified film????????IT WAS FULL of adult jokes and double meanings.

answered by Camera Operator (9.3k points)

you have a point......abt Ra.One

0 votes

15 august aane wala hai, apne ye salute TIRANGEY ke liye bacha ke rakh......aur haan, savere-savere aise loser posts mat banaaya kar.....

answered by Unit Manager (30.7k points)


10 Before And After VFX Shots From Bollywood Movies
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Its not about Valgurity or Class.Even Character Dheela didnt had good lyrics but still it was appealing to people.But this Aaj ki party sounds as someone has written it one night..'Aaj ki party meri taraf se' ke baad samjahne bhi aata kya gaara he or its maybe like mann hi nahi karta sunne ka song.I hope you got my point.

answered by Director (132k points)
–1 vote

I know what is classy for retarded bhaitards I will give u an example.
Kick has he best music and what happened to Ek Villain?Saying Kick's music is better than Ek Villain and u bhaitards talk about class

answered by Unit Manager (37.6k points)
–2 votes

....yes absoluetsly bt lungi dance is nt tht much bad if v compare wid dhinka chika......but do u mean criminal song by booty shake?.....i did nt find it bad......look

----->chhori chhori sine se saanse......chhori chhori le hai chura ke.......chhori chhori khwabo me aake.....she got me loosin mah mind......look out look out d sirens blaring
she drop it down I canntt stopp staringg........

nd icing on d cake......akon singing it.......nd then u hv mika wid aaj ki party........haHA..........bt y should salman learn? he is nt lyricist is it? i think mayur puri shud learn from kumaar........

answered by Production Accountant (27k points)

Booty Shake is in 1234 Get on the Dance Floor song... He isn't talking about the Ra.One song.

Anyways since you mentioned the song, do have a closer look at the lyrics which you shared....

Oh O o ......
Look out look out the sirens blaring
She drop it down I can't stop staring
Oh o..Oh o..

Its criminal baby booty goin' pop pop pop

For counter attack you can always mention the song "Fevicol Se" with the line "Main toh Tandoor Murgi hoon, gatkale alcohol se"...


.......haHA.......so crminal is also little bit vulgar song , i did nt notice that b4.......they try 2 attract masses wid this type of catchy lines like fevicolse, selfie le le, dhinka chika, sola ka dola etc etc.........just like how playboy said in one comment tht it is like kheer after biryani for salman fans.......

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