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Baat hai dum @karan khan.
ha ha .... its like b-grade movie song.... forget about chartbuster... it will be worst song. unnecessary included EID... poor move by BB Team.


Do you know you can use similar kind of theory for srk starrer Fan?


karan srkfans ko badi classy lagti haina lungi dance aur booty shake ki lyrics huh lol..
lol salman did this song for his fans bcoz we like such songs much its like kheer after biryani .. not like srk who do lungi dance in the name of rajnikant fans to gain support lol hahaha...

badshah ... ye deko abhishek bachchan ful supportin cast mae hahaha


Playboy: yeh mera honest opinion h........i didn't criticize the dance step esp. which Suhas bhai shared....thats the part which i liked..................n mostly i don't give false opinions on recently arrived things, check it.......even my reviews r honest

n i didn't think of Selfie but Love Me Love Me song on that first leg step.....even though Salman repeats most of his dance steps but that particularly reminded me of that excellent step

tu ny Salman k copyrights ly rakhay hain??even i m a Salman fan......not a hater........the bashing part is when general talk abt BO etc is happening n esp. its fun to troll guys like u

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People Here Are Exaggerating The Song I Dont Know On What Basis. Its Not At All Catchy. Even Selfie Le Le Is More Catchier Than This Song.
Those Who Are Thinking It Will Get Religion Appeal Than I Believe That Songs Like Jumme Ki Raat, Wallah Re Wallah, Eid Mubrak Are Far Far Ahead Than This Shit.
Overall For Me Its Only 2nd Time In This Decade That Music Of Salman Khan Film Is Not Good (Second Is Obviously Jai Ho). Only Delight Is Bhar Do Jholi Song. Its Almost Prefection Both In Audio And Video.

Dubte Ko Sahara Eid Ke Dawara

by Super-star (172k points)
selected by
+8 votes

You made an analysis, wish you had made it to have more sense.

First & foremost thing you should've known is that Aaj Ki Party song has been choreographed & shot twice. There are 2 versions & both of them are not in the movie. So you're talking about a song becoming chartbuster & that song not being in the film at all.

P.S. - Salman Khan has only said that if the movie stays strong for 5 or 6 weeks then on public demand this song will be added to the movie end credits, but not the video song that's released. The one shot for the film is different.


And this is supposed to be an EID song without the word EID or EID MUBARAK in it's lyrics. The only line that makes the reference is "chand ko bolo uthre falak se". Muslims can take it their way of waiting for the moon to appear. The ones who aren't muslims can take it the easier way of waiting for the night to happen because night time is the best time to party.

If you've any problem for "Dum Dum Dukur" or "Dhim Phata Phat Jhingri Papo"... You just haven't heard any old super fun songs of Kishore Kumar if you think this is the very first time something like this is used. It gets as old as you can imagine. Easier way is to try & remember one of the most famous Big B song.

SINGER but you also make a deliberate attempt at taking a hit on the buzz.

Straight away, this song is not in the film. So what good is the buzz if people don't find the song in the film? And regarding Mika, what's the fuzz? It's not like every Salman film has him singing for him. It's just 4 songs - Dhinka Chika (huge chartbuster - Ready) followed by Desi Beat (Bodyguard), Jumme Ki Raat (Kick) & now a song that's not part of the actual film.


Well this is what you get when you're 50 & a natural dancer, easily looking better compared to your colleagues of the same age while you dance.

Sets and Costumes

Right away, you haven't seen B Grade films.

And lastly, what makes you think Selfie Le Le is not popular? Think again.

by All Time best! (263k points)

Superb answer as usual :-)


Suhas, I'm not supporting anyone but you said, "this song is not in the film. So what good is the buzz if people don't find the song in the film?" Well the audience might be disappoint by not seeing the song in the film but the song will definitely help in increase the buzz around the film. The song you mentioned sang by Mika before this one, were all huge chartbusters, especially without Dhinka Chika and Jumme Ki Raat the buzz around the respective films would have been much less. If Aaj Ki Party somehow came close to them, then it would definitely help to create a healthy buzz for the film.


Audience wouldn't be disappointed when they're made aware right away that the song is not in the film. The song doesn't go with Pavan's character & he or Rasika wouldn't be dancing like this. Even to put this song during the end credits would spoil the right amount of positive heart touching emotions created in the climax (not my words but of Salim Khan & Kabir Khan).

I don't have a problem with Karan's analysis, the title for this post is super apt. But the problem arises in the way he has made the analysis. The song is indeed for a buzz otherwise why would they make it in the first place & for heaven's sake this is called a "promotional" song only.

Mika's previous songs have worked with Salman, that's a good thing. It's the same as Sonu Nigam singing for Salman or Shah Rukh giving back to back chartbusters, or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for Salman. When a actor-singer pair can deliver that big, their pairing is more than wise decision rather than a deliberate/desperate one. Every singer gets excited to sing for a Salman or a Shah Rukh film, it would be their dream to have their songs picturized on them. None of the Khans ever run behind a singer pleading to sing. There aren't Lata Mangeshkar, SPB very much active now that they can make the singers plead them.

+6 votes

Boy you have a lot of time!
To think and to type that stuff!

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)

actually he is scared of a storm called bb.


darr....................kya baat hai.............

+6 votes

Seriously? I mean are you serious? How did you get so much time to think so much useless stuff & then type it & post it? I am surprised. And i though you were a good user.

by Camera Operator (11.2k points)
+6 votes

Hahaha you made long unnecessary statements just to prove that eid song is a flop nd no buzz around bajrangi bhaijaan...ok i agree that all songs r flop of bb nd it has no buzz, now u take some rest u need it badly nd just wait for film release after that everything will be clear..nd i guess u will find it hard to defend this statement after film release...

by Location Manager (5.4k points)
+6 votes

I am not commenting on ur post for ur view...bcos I cannot change it whatever u think.....

But only thing which disappointed me ...was that U asked Suhas - when the shooting was done and u asked him ...somewhat like this ..."Pls tell me its urgent"
and when Suhas as a good user (as always) provided u with all the info...u came back to make this....

Kisi ne sahi kahan hain /Muhawara....."Ki Dost ke Peeth Pe Chura Ghusana"....

by Unit Manager (30.4k points)

Well the question that i asked to Suhas was for different reason otherwise i wouldnt have used such words..Isme churane wali kaunsi baat ho gayi.


I did not mentioned Churana (To steal) ....I said Chura (Knife) ghusana....
Yes..u know it better for what reason u asked suhas that question.....but as an outsider..I mentioned what I can see n feel....
U asked Suhas when the shooting was done and u asked him - pls tell its urgent...and when Suhas told u that it was done 1 week-10 days ago for promotion...
U came back and made this post and saying that song is not good seems that they made it overnight etc etc...
Here I am not questioning ur opinion/what u feel abt the song... here I am just saying that what I can co-relate ur question to Suhas to this post....

+5 votes

mae tabhi samaj gaya tera ye balwas post zurur ayega jab tune pucha suhas se ki iss song ki shootin kab hui lol............srk fans ko badi classy lagti haina lungi dance aur booty shake ki lyrics huh lol..
lol salman did this song for his fans bcoz we like such songs much its like kheer after biryani .. not like srk who do lungi dance in the name of rajnikant fans to gain support lol hahaha...

by Unit Manager (31.9k points)
+4 votes

As Suhas has given complete answer to all your querries..
frm nxt time bring something new not like this even last year you people were saying tht song India wale, manwalage > Kick whole album this is only for some srkians bt for the general audience it was a reverse case n result was jumme ki raat yaar na mile n hangover were bigger hits lol..
same thing is gonna happen so chillax karan khan...

by Editor (86.2k points)
edited by

'you people' does it include all Srkians..i was the one who said that there is not even single chartbuster in HNY.


@Karan bhai okh its my mistake so edited it see..

–1 vote single post nd u produced terror in salman khan fans minds.......keep it up........if one more this type post then they may break their lappy/mobile screens due 2 anger.........haHA......

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)
–2 votes

My salute to you Mahn. ... With proper subject, words ( no abusive ) ( no galiya ) u just bombed whole forum.... This is called " Dimmag ka istemaal Karna "...

by Assistant Director (43.6k points)

Wo lollipop user hain. Kuch bhi bolo apne ko hi smart samazta hain. Wrong bhi sahi karne nikalta hain. Kuch bhi? ? Karan ne puri Mar dali...


i know suhas very well. When he loves something he will give 100 logics for his fav. But he can't tolerate the 100 logic of yours. When he likes varun he says varun connected with masses by MTH which is 50 crore grosser. But he said ranveer lost the connect with Gunday which is 77 crore grosser. How foolish logic.


Lollipop user ...... I know this breed of mankind...


@greek god: but here u r sounding foolish cuz gunday was made on a huger scale

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