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So bad.. Novelty factor rehne na do koi!

answered by Production Accountant (20.9k points)
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Hope it can cross 3 idiots(non inflated) with a margin!.........

answered by Second Unit Director (74.6k points) 4 flags

O.K!!! Aur kuch .... ???


lol why you always mention 3idiots along with Non Inflated.
I think u r not sure about the collections.


Matlab 202cr is tough in 2015 for few stas

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WTF, aren't they serious abt the movie?? Everyday we get to see a new pic frm the sets, now this video is out for all to see. Koi security/privacy naam ki cheez hai ya nahi? Ya poori film aise hi leaked pics/videos ke through dikha denge. Seriously, they are ruining the surprise element of the film(like SRK wid a gun in yesterday's pic) and if this continues, there'll be no excitement left among the audiences fr the film.....

answered by Unit Manager (30.7k points)
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remember one leaked song challa from jthj 1 year before release hope diljale fate will not be similar to jthj.

btw this film looks too classy as far as seen from many shoot pics released and rohit does'nt go too well with classy films can be seen with all the best result.shetty usp is that desi touch which seems to be missing in diljale.

answered by Camera Operator (9.3k points) 2 flags
+2 votes

You should not have shared this. Lets wait for the official video.

answered by Assistant Director (48.6k points)

ha ha...!!! true but I feel Dilwale is going to be a superb entertainer. Rumors are....SRK playing gangster in Dilwale too(of course not intense like Raees)....lets see. enter image description here


yaaa.....even i m joking.........SRK's presence made a lot of difference to CE as a film even........hopefully now, SRK-Kajol pair makes a lot of difference to Dilwale, not talking abt BO but film


In its first hearing it sounds catchy, so we can expect chartbuster... And this 20 seconds are guarantee of chartbuster... Chalo Varun Aur Kriti ka kam ho gaya.


@RAhil why you people make fun of yourselves again n again....
last year India wale, manwalage > Kick whole album this is only for srkians bt for the general audience it was a reverse case n result was jumme ki raat yaar na mile n hangover were bigger hits lol..
same thing is gonna happen so better b aware frm saying any bull shit...

0 votes

Not good ........................................

answered by Executive Producer (64.5k points)

What not good ? Song or News ?


news.... yeh sab leaked hona... maza nahi lagta hai.


Crazy fans... Song hi leak huaa hain. Janedo. .. Song is catchy BTW. Heard it ?


Yeah... song is very nice...hope..it will be chartbuster.

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