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There are lyrics like they are hungry so bring non veg dishes like Biryani to break the upvas(fast) even if its against the religion(dharam bhasht ho jaye).I dont understand it will be offensive for Muslims or for Hindus.because we dont know in whats scene in the film.I mean if little girl is hungry and she wants chicken and she is most probably not on fast as she is too young to they wont show girl breaking the fast because she is fast can bein term of that both Salman and girl have travel a long distance and as Salman is shown as vegeterian he might be shown eating non-veg and went way from path of religion(Dharm bhrast ho jaye). So this might create big controvery from either of two relgion.
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Why do you think the "Fast" is an issue here?

It's not like the girl is fasting for some religious occassion. It's just being hungry. The morning food you eat is called BREAK-FAST because after a good night's sleep you're breaking the fast.

Here the girl is hungry & Pavan comes to know the she's a non-vegetarian. So the Chicken song happens as he goes in search of chicken for the girl to eat. And a pakka Hindu vegetarian like Pavan searching for chicken justifies the use of the word "Dharam-Brasht".

If Madhavan can eat chicken in Rehna Rehne Terre Dil Mein / Minnale being a Hindu vegetarian & later vomiting it out having nobody raise an issue then there's no problem with BB's Chicken song too.

It's not like the Telugu film Denikaina Ready where a muslim guy disguises himself as a Hindu purohit & just for comedy sake, a couple of muslims make all the Hindu brahmin purohits eat chicken leg piece. Brahmins made sure they protested heavily for this film & especially for one of the supporting actress playing a Brahmin wife vulgarly.

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8-10 saal ka baccha meat khaye acchi baat nahin hai..............Mera to yahi maanna hai.


@Baazigar ... Maana ki aapka yahi maan na hai par aisa aap maante kyun ho? Just out of curiosity "woh achchi baat" kyun nahi hai?

Because apart from the nutritional elements, right when I was a kid, I was told by my parents that eating fish is extremely good for eye sight. Aisa bahut kuch hai jo mujhe kaha gaya hai. I don't see people feeding meat to the very much young kids of 3 years old. They'll wait until the baby can take it as well as the nutrition gels well with the bodily needs. Main reason is fat content in the meat. Apart from this which can be well handled by monitoring the food habits of babies, what else reason is there for you to say "Achchi baat nahi hai".

Like I said, personal belief is one thing, I'm only asking out of curiosity & not to prove anything. A vegetarian has every right to be a veggie just like a non-vegetarian having his right to eat both veg & non-veg.


@karan khan .. I didn't say you were cribbing. Regarding fb, ****... What good are these useless posts shared? They do nothing but getting lost between every other posts that get posted on the group or even individuals. Nobody shares the same post 24/7. At the end of the day nobody cares.


Bhai Veg mein Zyaada Nutrition hota hai and this has been scientifically proved.Choti si umar mein meat khana mujhe accha nahin lagta.I am a Non Vegetarian aur non veg khane ke liye pura time pada hai...........apni apni rai hai.

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I don't think Muslims will have anything against it. Some religious groups here & there desperately seeking for attention & whose names are unknown for people can try to exploit it but it is not going to work. On the hand, PK & OMG had much more controversial elements & Indian public accepted both films, so i don't think one line in a song will bother them.

by Camera Operator (11.2k points)
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Point To Be Noted.
From Day One Itself Makers Are In Sake Of Creating Controversy On Name Of Religion.
Firstly It Was Title Than We Had Qawwali & Bajrangi Song With Latest Addition Of Eid Ki Party Something.
And Now The Point You Are Raiaing.
Really Desperately Trying To Have Some Controversy.

by Super-star (172k points)
–2 votes

Ha ha ha they have purposefully added this song just to create some buzz. I never thought they will go down to this level just for the sake of seeking attention. Salman so called 'Bajrangi Bali Bhakt' character completely ruined by adding lyrics like Dharam Bhrasht and all....

by Assistant Director (48.6k points)