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+3 votes
The record holder is Shankar's I which reached 5 million in 6 days.. I 6 days PULI. 12 days Yennai Arindhaal 53 days.....(Ajith)
in Movies by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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2 Answers

+2 votes

yennai arindhaal has record views and likes not puli..............................

by Casting Director (18.8k points)

hindi baahubali bookings started mahn...........................


@vinayagharat yennai arindhal doesnt hold any record as it didnt break the views of I n it took 53 days to reach 5 million whereas puli did that in just 12 terms of likes YA is ahead of puli...

0 votes

What 2nd south film?

total 9.3M views approx.

by Assistant Director (57.4k points)

Ofcourse this is total views...don't know when it crossed 5M.


Bro puli did it in just 12 days while baahubali took much more time n puli reader is only Tamil version.....


No no no bro baahubali Telugu trailer 3.5
Hindi. 3.4 million
Tamil. 1 million
Malayalam 0.2 million
Total around 8 million n note that it was a trailer vth huge banner support of dharma production and puli was just a teaser..
Also likes for puli is 57+ k yl baahubali combined is around 37k.....

Anyways both movies vl be a milestone not just for their respective industries but also the whole India....


Chech again its tel 4.6m views & total 9.3m.
Ya i know its trailer with a dialogue thats why it released in 4 vers.


No bro I checked YouTube only after your comment..its 3.5 million....


check this link.................
it shows 4,648,763 views and 33k likes for tel ver


i don't know from where you got that 3.5M............and more over the fact is vijay bigger star than prabhas.Prabhas is just fighting hard with Ntr for 5th position in TFI..

and vijay is no 1 in tamil with back to back BBs...

and don't say that I's 8M+ is single ver and baahubali 9.3+ is multi lingual. Shankar's market it self multi lingual so automatically hindi & telugu ver distributors and prodution houses backs its promos so that is the reason it reached 8m....

do you know that before 'I', pawan's AD holds the highest youtube views for south film record with 3M+.


btw forgot to ask.. what is premam's total ww collection gross/nett/share...i heard some big figs like 50cr it true..?


currently its kerala gross is 37 crores
ROI gross 3.5 crores
overseas gross around 6 crores till now
total around 47 crores as of now but it doesnt seem to be slowing down...even during pre eid days its holding well n all senior super stars' movie which were aiming for eid release are postponed as theatres n distributors want to persist with premam....all are sure of premam starting from again at boxoffice from eid....only records to be broken are drishyams

kerala gross of 41 crore

ww gross of 60 crores which is very much possible.......


and I teaser has 11 million views bro....

y andhraboxoffice didnt update suryas mass n rakshasudu collections bro??


Don't know about masss/rakshasudu upadates but it is disaster anyway.
And trade talk is its 50% loss to distributors.this will directly effects suriya's next release...


the main villain for premam unfortunately is the film industry itself as they leaked the censor copy of the movie to the media n the whole movie is circulating around watsapp n other medias....many are pointing the fingers towards mohanlal n his senir actor friends of malayalam film association mainly because of two reasons....

vismayax four frame studios was owned by mohanlal n before three weeks mohanlal declared that he had sold his studio soon after which premam ws leaked...premam producer n director claims the three copies were with the producer n director themselves n the fourth one the censor copy was at fourframes....

second reason is that premam was racing towards breaking all the drishyam records n no wonder mohanlal is the suspect again......
but nevertheless still premam is well on way to break all records...

this actor Nivin Pauly who is already the number 1 boxoffice superstar is reportedly being threatened n shoot of his next movie are contineously interrupted through violent acts by unknown people.....


Mohanlal did the biggest blunder mistake of his life.
It will definately effects his future..


Ok..There is another post of baahubali tel trailer which is not officially posted by makers but it also has 3.5m views,
4.6 m in official and 3.5 in un official monstrous.


Definitely monsterous it is.................

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