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I love bhar do jholi, but Zindagi lyrics are even better! Gets you in from the start


Though, which song is it a reprise of?

3 Answers

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Oh Chicken song was funny.. Mohit Chauhan has sang well & Mayur Puri has worked really hard on the lyrics to make it as pure in terms of usage of Hindi words & balance the humor. The Yodeling part is good especially towards the end as professionals were used but considering the hype I expected more Yodeling to have been added than what I heard. Salman confirmed that this is a situational song when Pavan realizes Munni is a non-vegetarian & wants chicken. A song for kids but damn sure of it to gel well within the movie as a refreshing break especially in the first half while a strong foundation is made for the bonding of Pavan & Munni's characters.

And to the BEST song in the album, ZINDAGI. Neelesh Mishra has come up with awesome lyrics. Oh this song playing in the background during the Kashmir scenes is just what I ask for. This is sung by Zubin Nautiyal & it's a reprise. Wonder whether they'll use his version or have another singer sing the movie version. Even Salman has shown interest in singing one of the songs.

Phir takluf chhod kar,
phir jhukaa ke nazar
rakhna mere kandhe pe sar

by All Time best! (258k points)
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Exactly man! This song with Kashmir background, it would sound perfect. Really awesome lyrics. Any other song left now to be out?


Bajrangi Bhaijaan has 7 songs. The other song is "Tu Jo Mila". Pritam in the interview said both Tu Jo Mila & Zindagi's promos will not be released.

  1. Selfie Le Le Re
  2. Tu Chahiye
  3. Bhar Do Joli Meri
  4. Aaj Ki Party (will not be in the film)
  5. Chicken Song
  6. Zindagi - Reprise
  7. Tu Jo Mila - Yet to be released

And since Zindagi is a reprise, I think it'll have one more version. So apart from Tu Jo Mila, there will be one more song in the album & some sources call that as the "Title Song". Will wait till monday as once some sources claim the other songs to be revealed then.


If i am not wrong, Pritam said in an interview with Bollywood Hungama that there is a song 'Ese Hain Bajrangi Bhaiyya'. Can you confirm it Suhas? :-)


That's why I mentioned about the "Title Song". It may or may not be "Aise Hai Bhaiyya Bajrangi".

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OMG Zindagi Song.. Big thumbs up <3 Loved it...
Chicken song is really fun & as Salman told it's about food for Munni because she wants to eat Chicket but Pawan is vegetarian.. It's a good fun song :-)

by Camera Operator (11k points)

The only thing with Zindagi is it's too short, I mean last 1-2 minutes are only music.


As this released song is reprise. Perhaps original is longer than that? :-)

–4 votes

Chicken Song. Lul Flop Salman Back Again This Eid. papapapa mane na mane na.


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