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@suhas,when this song was shot?


suhas bhai reply its urgent.


This song was shot last week or probably 10 days or so... I remember making a post of pics from the making of the song.

It was always said to be a promotional song.


Also 2 versions of the song has been shot. Salman Khan confirmed it. One for the movie & one for promotional purposes. Both the versions are not in the movie. If the movie sticks strongly till 5 or 6 weeks then on Public Demand, the other version of Aaj Ki Party which was first shot will be attached at the end of the film. This version is only for television channels & youtube promotional purpose only.

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This is a catchy song with Pritam written all over it Salman is looking as dashing as ever in traditional clothes & Kareena is stunning. Liked it :-)

by Camera Operator (11.2k points)
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Chartbuster all the way. Although similar to Gandi Baat from RR
Pritam it is! Will do good to the promotions of BB.
Dance moves are fun and bebo looks stunning.

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)

The picturisation is good, high on energy, Salman looks great.


Agreed mate!

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super duper song... aaj ki party bhai ki taraf se..

by Unit Manager (31.9k points)

Oh this particular step...

enter image description here

Highest Electricity Bills By Bollywood Stars
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Pritam and the Lyricist have done total injustice to BB's Music. Every song lyrics is let down where Bhar do jholi is from Sabri Brothers. Pritam disaapointed big time.
P.S; It's not fault of salman, iut's pritam who is guilty.

by Second Unit Director (77.7k points)



I'm too disappointed.... Now, I'm skipping this movie! #SorryBajrangBali