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Sultan vs Raess Boxing Ring match Pic Check Out

–2 votes

asked Jul 3, 2015 in General by playboy Unit Manager (30,805 points)
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gunnd??? ye gunnd kya hota hai

aray kachra/debris

phir tune kyun ki..

dimagh na pkka

7 Answers

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raees has no takers less buzz so he wants to cash on salmans name by clashing with bhai.thats reason for clashing that will give raees good buzz.
dilwale buzz is more due to varun and rohit.
fan buzz is due to great script and yrf banner

but what is raees???????

answered Jul 3, 2015 by Escape Plan Camera Operator (9,351 points) 1 flag
selected Jul 5, 2015 by playboy
+5 votes

Lol this is what Raees will do to Sultan. Completely torn apart.
enter image description here

enter image description here

answered Jul 3, 2015 by RAhil Assistant Director (48,624 points)

but thats srk dreamin to beat salman. wen salman try to beat srk then by affraid say 'NO' ... n in reality salman already done wht he wanted to do( removing shirt in front of wife) lol haha same gonn hppn here srk will dream to beat salman but in reality hahaha

@Rahil.... Superb.................. clips............ !!

fantastic n too much accuracy in ur work boss @RAhil

+3 votes

Khud ko tasalli dene ka badaa hi lul tareeka hai ye, kiska kya haal hoga ye sab ko pata hai
Don - 51 cr, Jaaneman - 20 cr, means 5:2

Raeesultan bhi 5:2 hi hoga -
Raees - 200 cr
Lultan - 80 cr

answered Jul 3, 2015 by saransh Unit Manager (31,186 points)

lol jaise ke tum log nai bolre ho ki raess wil trash sultan.. bade saint logo ho na tum..
wht u said born aftr 2010 huh .. jab srk maya memsab mae apni bum dikha raha tha use pehle salman ne 2 atbb di thi..

lol wtf word maaaya memmmsab comes in star symbol...hahaha

hmm Saransh.......yaar teray kehnay py chor rha hn isay

badshah haha phirse joke.

+3 votes

Yeh pic abhi sallu aur uske fans apne desktop ka wallpaper rakhega lekin jab iska theek ulta hoga next year toh dusra pic dhoondte phirna.Chalo main tumhara kaam aasan kar deta hoon.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

answered Jul 3, 2015 by Bhootnathh Unit Manager (37,619 points) 1 flag

one thing which can't be denied is SRK BEFORE AND AFTER THE CLASH no matter what happens

Salman is crying......... hu hu hu............

after clash srk wil be called queen of bollywood huh hahaha

+2 votes

Just look at SRK'S face... What a expression Mahn. .. How brilliant actor he is ! Just salute....

answered Jul 3, 2015 by Boxofficemaan Assistant Director (43,570 points)

maar maar ke chehra suja diya srk ka aur tujhe expression ki badi hai haha lol

bom:even you know in real life salman and aamir can beat srk red and blue on one one combat bcz they are very muscular and great body.

SRK,Salman,Aamir works in film industry not in WWE. Kaun ki tna muscular hain issse kya lena dena...

+2 votes

........playboy bro ye sab morphed photos se sirf aapke dil to tasalli milegi......nothing else.....i told same 2 grand nova also.......asli dhobi pachad dekhna hai tu timemachine leke 20oct2006 pe jaao......har jagah don hi don tha.........janeman ko koi puchta bhi nahi tha.......haHA..........

answered Jul 3, 2015 by Kabir Production Accountant (27,036 points)

hmmm.....woh to dikh he rha h

kya dikh gaya binocular wali ankhon ko huh haha

tu aur teray jokes

.......@badshah come'on bro stop it........these salman fans junk of garbage.......bahut notification aa rha hai.....

+2 votes

As If You 2-3 PPL Don't Know What Will Happen Again For d 7th Consecutive Time, I Am Still Wondering How Much Will d Movie Called Sultan Open?? And What Will Happen To d Biggest Production Company YRF After Its Release Even When They Are Clashing With Off-Beat Movie/Without Heroine/Chartbuster's & of Excel of Which 80% Indians Ne Name Hi Nhi Suna By d Way Ye Bhi Copy Kiya Tum Log...Ye Pic Which I Am Posting Sultan k Announcement k Baad Se Viral Ho Gyi Thi, Ab Isko Dekh Kar After Week Lgatar Dil Toh Lalchana Hi Tha Na Toh Aapne Bna Daali Playboy...SRK is Cena of Ring & Chalo The Miz Mei Nhi Bolta Kisiko, B'Coz Miz is Coward & Always Runs...DownVotes on Your Post, Public Response Which Really is Funny All Over, Trade Analysts Response, Celebrities Response, Salman's Utra Hua Face, You 2-3 PPL in Depression is Clearly Showing In-Security/Indication/Results -->

answered Jul 4, 2015 by BLANKA Super-star (199,797 points)

BTW Raees Overseas Mei Zyada Kregi Ya Sultan WW...Anyone Please??

And Mr.Playgoy Ab Opening Vale Din Ye Pic Post Krna

haha look at pic aaare dank ki photoshop toh kiya kar haha lol chuse brusli jaisi body wale srk ko hunk john cena ki body huh hahaha... chal beta ja tujhse nai ho payega... haha wht u said offbeat movie huh ye deko release se pehle hi srk fans ka excuse shuru hogaya... hahaha...

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