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Yeah sabkuch zol honewala hain. BB na Ghat ki na bahar ki...

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I think it was promotional strategy to release best songs later to maintain buzz at the time of release of movie...Bhar Do Jholi Meri has increased buzz as its a super song and this song will be huge in masses....It's almost sure shot chartbuster...Then there is one romantic song which will release next weekend ....According to Pritam it's best song of the movie

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Will there be any next trump card...
Chicken Song......

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Now This Is Really Desperate Act To Rake Money On Religional Appeal.
Firstly They Came With Bajrangi Track.
Then A Qawwali. No Problem As It Must Be In Pakistan Side Area.
But Now EID Ki Party Bhai Ki Taraf Se. Why Would A Bajrangi Bhakat Be Called Bhai And Then Eid Party.
Believe Me Film Will Preach About secularism A Lot

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