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NOTE: If you've seen the trailer of Terminator:Genisys then you've seen the entire movie. No no, not talking about the best scenes from the movie but the actual plot twists in the movie. Infact every damn one of them.

What works for Terminator: Genisys is that it heavily relies on the time travel aspect creating multiple timelines & in order to get the proceedings to go smooth, a lot of humor is added with the usual action.

What doesn't work for Terminator: Genisys is that it heavily relies on the time travel aspect creating multiple timelines & in order to get the proceedings to go smooth, a lot of humor is added with the usual action.



Okay now, the year is 2029 & the judgement day has already happened. John Connor leading the Renaissance fighters along with Kyle Reese is on the verge of defeating "SKYNET". But SKYNET cheats by sending a Terminator back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor & ensure John Connor is never born. So in order to save Sarah & stop the Terminator, John Connor sends Kyle Reese who apparently volunteers to save Sarah by travelling back in time. Yes, this is the plot of the first Terminator. Anyways, Skynet is far too ahead than humans this time & it's action alters the entire timeline for the past, present & the future. Will Kyle Reese succeed in saving Sarah Connor? Will Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor & "Pops" succeed in stopping Judgement Day & defeat Skynet once in for all forms the entire story.



1. Arnold Schwarzenegger is flawless as T-800. He's indeed back & this time he's more funny too.

2. Khaleesi err.. Emilia Clarke does bring something fresh as Sarah Connor but her characterization doesn't allow her to reach for the depth. Still it's super fun to watch her on the big screen.

3. There's enough T-800 vs T-1000, T-800 vs T-800, Sarah & Kyle vs T-1000, Sarah & Kyle vs T-800, T-800 vs John Connor, Sarah & Kyle vs John Connor.... Oh yeah that's pretty much the movie but the point is the action does work.

4. Some of the quirky funny moments especially with Arnold does work well to get the right amount of chuckles.

5. The idea of multiple timelines, only the idea.

6. Nostalgic feeling. The references made to the first two parts are noteworthy. Too bad that those events are completely erased.



1. The humor tends to look like self-parody after sometime & it loses it's charm.

2. Jai Courtney's Kyle Reese does have a meatier role as per this new movie but it's just not executed well enough. Or to say considering him as one of the main characters in the franchise above John Connor is something extremely hard to accept.

3. Making John Connor a Terminator, yes the trailer has prepared you for this twist but what happens to his entire character as far as the franchise goes, let's just say no Terminator ardent fan would accept this. The whole John Connor angle is not at all justified.

4. Multiple timelines... It might be a tad bit confusing if you're not paying attention but it is very much predictable.

5. The climax is a BIG NO. It doesn't answer the questions, instead tries to erase the questions itself. This is exactly why the multiple timeline angle gives up due to ineffective execution.

6. Too much explaining regarding the time travel & all other science stuff, does get on your nerves.


MY RATING - 2.5/5


FINAL WORDS - The Future is Not Set.

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Reviews are average.Is it worth watching?


Reviews are actually negative... It's just a time pass flick. And since it's an addition to the franchise, obviously watching it doesn't do any harm. It's anyways better than Terminator 3 & Terminator Salvation. But ardent fans like me who've the special connect with first two movies especially Judgement Day, it's heartbreaking to see the direction in which the series is going.

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Am watching it tommorow.Trailer was great and am very excited.Hope Terminator Genesis turns out to be good!

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Suhas Why They have banned me...............................Baazigar and for how long..........No information at all........................


You're Baazigar? I've no idea about the ban. Will ask any of the mods about it.


Well i logged in 20 days back and i was blocked............I was busy and today I logged in and again blocked................I came here with different ID just to ask this.If they don't want theek hai koi farak nahin padta.................I can register from any other source but i will not do that..........................I am signing off from here.Kindly ask tkem..........they should have atleast told that Baazigar is banned.for a duration or permanent.............Aur kyun kia hai yeh bhi ek raaz hai.............


No idea why you were banned. Charlie'runkle says he has unbanned you now.

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