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..Trp of pk the movie(6.8)...7th highest ever after 3i(10.9),bodyguard(10.3),ce(9.5),dabang(9.2),singham(8.7) and ghajini(8.0)....

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Movies with highest Viewership :
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& Movies with highest TVTs :
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..to viewership,tvt,trp,tvr 4 different things hai...but sabse jyada important trp hoti hai..log jyada baat iske baare me hi karte hai....jisme 3i no 1 hai...

Acc to Aamir Fan TRP

Acc to Srk fan Viewership

3idiots and Chennai are Joint Winners.
Debate Over.

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I Guess these days movies on Tv dont run that well.Thats why such a massive atbb got not a lot higher rating though still its very good.If 3 idiots premiers on tv it may not get that big trps but still it would be bigger than pk as its a much more popular and historic success that pk.

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Sony TV is the biggest gainer just because of pk , its trp is way more than other Sony TV shows...
Krrish style JUST IMAGINE its TRP if its premiered either on star , zee TV or colour television the three biggest entertainment channel..

answered Jul 2, 2015 by deepak_bishty Director (131,558 points)
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good trp.movie is nothing close to 3 idiots but aamir had the landmark perfromance.
don't know why he did not got filmfare award for this but lukka shahid got.

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What do mean by lukkha shahid?he was simply amazing in haider.i am a huge aamir fan and i don't like shahid that much but i didn't mind when shahid won the award.

bhai aamir in pk single handedly carried the film on his own while shahid in haider was aided by others also like tabu,k k menon and irfan.so aamir deserved the award and even you knoe raju was not in his best with pk but it was aamirs alien act that stole the show.

Yeah i know that p.k isn't hirani's best directed and aamir carried the film on his own but that doesn't mean shahid was anything less and aamir doesn't go award shows so shahid is the deserving guy.

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so aamir khan,salman khan and rohit shetty rockss............................

answered Jul 3, 2015 by vinaygharat007 Casting Director (18,336 points)

Ra.One TRO 6.7 and Kick 5.1

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So now I don't think any film can beat the 56million viewership record of Chennai Express. CE remains the most loved film of the decade.

answered Jul 2, 2015 by RAhil Assistant Director (48,624 points)

@RAhil ... How did you get that 39million or 56million number? I mean seriously if you're considering India then how the hell is this even possible? Our's is a country where only 47% population has access to a television out of it's entire population. There's a fixed formula to calculate tvr. And most importantly unlike in US, Indian family ranges from 3 to 10 on an average across the country living under the one roof.

To calculate TVR, they only take a sample of 1000 roughly & make the calculations based on that. If you're talking 56million then just imagine the rate at which people should be accessing the tv & in that particular channel, particular movie at the same time. Has anybody installed the people's meter or any equivalent trp calculating device to your home's television set to calculate TRP? Routine is they install this device in few selected homes only which will be roughly 1000, then they monitor the tv-watching habits of these selected homes only. After this only, the so-called trp is predicted for the entire country. So 1000 homes = entire population of India?

Don't think this whole system is wrong... This kind of trp calculating methodology is followed all over. Previously the dominant player was TAM which used to calculate trp, but now BARC is also a dominant player because it's of Indian origin & it follows the guidelines from the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and MIB (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting).

This 56million or 39million in short is nowhere close to be authentic. The trp is fixed formula, it's not your box office collection & footfalls theory where the inflation has it's effect with the ticket price increase. 10.3 or 10.9 rating stays always higher than a 9 rating. People don't increase that drastically. I know India has been very talented when it comes to increasing population but in this case, it's way too much challenging for even us to reproduce in that rate as well as provide access to a tv.

Aila my MBA lessons are helping out even after an year. Thanks for providing me an opportunity to bore you guys.

I said already that I have no idea about all these trp and tvr....but thanks for this info.

hahah @Suhas........the reason why i read ur whole comment even after me not being so interested in this foolish TRP thingy was cz of knowing ur MBA n that thesis sort of work.

by the way, one of the most successful and old host of Pakistan named Tauseeq Haider discussed this TRP thing 3,4years ago......he discussed the same thing of 1000 or i guess in Pakistan total 400 devices......n he kind of bashed this thing that how the Ad world can base viewership just on the basis of such a small sample

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While Aamir sir is making 700cr worldwide, there is a flop star who is zero without Dp,rohit and now varun...shame on that fake star....

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While Not so universal appealling film MNIK does 210cr worldwide and similarly an actor who came after ATBB 3 Idiots gives 175cr with Talaash.

shame on him isnt it ?

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Afterall Ace of Bollywood rules, 3 Idiots, Ghajini and PK in the Top 7
Aamir is the Biggest megastar of Bollywood.

answered Jul 2, 2015 by nolaniitjee Assistant Director (41,365 points)