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Why do people clash with srk all the time?

+2 votes
even winning clashes people arent afraid why
asked Jul 2, 2015 in Opinion by BhaiFanJTHJ Location Manager (5,170 points)
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12 Answers

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Reactions to success follow a predictable path.
1. If you are a failure nobody likes you.
2. If you are a success, everybody likes you.
3. But if you remain a success for too long, then everybody really hates you.

They all tried to bring SRK down in past...but still King ruled and still rules.

answered Jul 2, 2015 by RAhil Assistant Director (48,624 points)

Kya answer hai bhai.Superb(handsake) .King has kingsize fans.


+5 votes

The reason is simple - JEALOUSY. All these are spoonfed people, they are in the industry bcoz once upon a time their baap/dada/chacha/amma/bhai/etc/etc/etc used to be producer/script-writer/director/stunt-director/etc/etc/etc here. That's why these people have never been able to and can never digest the fact that a middle class below average luking guy has become the biggest superstar bollywood has ever seen. These people are like - "hum peedhiyon se apni **** ghisaate aa rahe hain aur ye saala bahar ka launda hamare ghar me ghus ke hamari hi bajaa raha hai. Iska jitna nuksaan ho sake karo. Hamari film bhale hi pitt jaye, iski film nahi chalni chahiye".

answered Jul 2, 2015 by saransh Unit Manager (31,186 points)

And this is the best answer....

cant choose between rahil and saransh

+4 votes

because no one is fear of him...........................

answered Jul 2, 2015 by vinaygharat007 Casting Director (18,336 points)
+1 vote

because they know srk is not big star like amir and salman khan.

answered Jul 2, 2015 by virat Art Director (2,581 points)
+1 vote

bcz nobody fears him in bollywood .srk is not someone like aamir or salman whom actors are scared in bollywood.

answered Jul 2, 2015 by Escape Plan Camera Operator (9,351 points)
+1 vote

Simple- They are no longer afraid!.........

answered Jul 2, 2015 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,894 points)
+1 vote

He is not an intimidating force. Never has been one.. Even at his prime people are willing to clash with him. Not the case with Other two khans.

answered Jul 2, 2015 by srk2617 Production Accountant (20,924 points)

Yes he is my favorite.
I hate his fans and to argue with them, I have ro bring him down.
How can you not love a man who was in MHN, Badshah, Koylaa, OSO, karan arjun.. And many more My favorite movies while growing up.
Its just that you praise him and thats okay but try to bring salman down! That bugs me!
And my initials are SRK.. Thats why the username

salman and aamir has bigger wider audience while srk target audience is limited to only those who loves romantic films.

bhai indian audiences romantic films dekh dekh kar pak gayi hai aur srk to sirf romance aur emotion hi kar sakta hai.

king aamir and salman are well accpeted in comedy,romance and action,emotions.

action roles to srk ko suit hi nahi karta bcz he don't have persona and body like aamir and salman.

he cannot go beyond raj,rahul type of roles.even ce me bhi rahul wala care free hi character kaam me aaya.

3 idiots,pk type role ye kar hi nahi sakta, karega to usme bhi pura film me apna hair ko hi set karega.

bhai pura career romantic films par zinda raha.

hny me romance nahi tha islye pita.

bhai ,thats reason for his loosing game to aamir and salman.

even you know he can't do ghajine type of roles better than aamir

bottomline is king aamir and salman will continue to give bb and atbb while srk will give hits barring 1 bb in 5 years agar rohit shetty mil gaya to

abhi to uska aur ganjan baki hai

Escape Plan- A REAL PSYCHO

+1 vote

Nature have given a simple answer of this question.....
Now in a pride of lions if some other lion want to be the leader, he'll have to defeat the leader of that pride, defeating other members won't earn him a damn thing, it's the leader he'll have to beat to replace him and not only in lions it happens in many animals groups.
Now just convert it in this case, if someone wants to soldify his place at the top of food chain, he will have to beat the person on top, he can beat 3rd, he can beat 2nd buth that's not much of value, beating the person on top is of much more value


I hope you got your answer..........

answered Jul 2, 2015 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,822 points)

plus one

best way to put it n ending tells u all ''TO BE THE MAN, YOU GOT BEAT THE MAN''

+1 vote

The answer is simple. When your stardom is small, noone is afraid to clash with you. As with srk.

On the other hand, we have Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, who are so BIG that producers cannot even dream about clashing with them.

answered Jul 2, 2015 by nolaniitjee Assistant Director (41,365 points)

AHAT Vs Ram-Jaane

Still living in the 1990's

lol.......kaisay roo partay hain becharay........ur statement shows u don't own Aamir of 90s......shame on u

0 votes

...this is for @thunder bird..
He thinks srk is 'sher of bollywood...
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
..agar srk sher hai to usko sher ki tarah takkar leni chahiye....aise peeche se ekta and jatinder ke aage haath nahi jodne chahiye...wah kiya idea tha...media ke samne 'sher' aur peeche se kuch aur....
..bhai ye hai tumhara 'sher'
agar srk ko log sher kehte hai....to phir aamir and salman to 'babbar sher'' ho gaye...

answered Jul 2, 2015 by jass Camera Operator (10,712 points)

Le li......wo bhi cheer faad ke....

hahahah.........razia gundoon mein phass gayi


–2 votes

Simple......Clashing with SRK brings the most media attention atleast....e.g. i don't think anybody gave a damn about Ajay, this much atleast, but he got special attention cz of a clash with an SRK starrer.......even his press conferences made headlines.........what a period he enjoyed in 2012..........even i m now thinking of clashing my film with SRK , will say some big words against SRK n media will be covering me......aasan tareeqa limelight mein rehnay ka

answered Jul 2, 2015 by Baadshah Unit Manager (32,287 points)
–3 votes

Because small stars like salman and ajay get a little attention when they are pitted against a legend like srk. These guys are not even a match for him.

answered Jul 2, 2015 by Intense Director (127,543 points) 1 flag

@intense can u justify ur answer how salman is a small star..
if u ask anybody who r 3 biggest stars in present b'wud easily u vl get Aamir, Srk n Salman's name no body vl say Hr is bigger than sallu..
n if according 2 u if salman is a small star then Hr may b a mini or micro star so decide by urself..
frm nxt time don't dare to cross limit for salman.. remember it...

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