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I mean no matter what people will go to watch SRK Salman films even if they are mindless due to thier huge fan following. BUt when public comesout of theatre half of them will be disappointed. . But for Aamir, the content will be there and public when they comeout of theatre then atleast 80% will be satisfied and then comes the repeat value thing. And scores huge at the boxoffice. Aamir ks perfectly utilizing his stardom. . While SRK/Salman are just cashing on thier star power only .. Rather than Starpower + Content like what aamir is doing starpower + content. . Yes FAN Raees are content films but again it isnt the movies whicb can score heavily mainly due to not so universal appeal. Iam saying that they should do A film which is commercial + content too. Like Salman's Bajrangi Bhaijaan and can say PRDP too. And also can say SRKs Dilwale too if it turns out to be liked as CE. . So the main Thing i want to say is that SRK Salman shud cash on Starpower + Content rather than Just Starpower. Your views
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Agneepath did 120cr and was super hit with same release date as Jai Ho..Even Bajrangi Bhaijaan is social film even Kick was social film only.Well Social is not correct word so its 'Social Masala' masala.My Point is if Jai ho had better production value and trailer and Chartbuster songs then it would have been Super hit then it would have been Super Hit even with same release date.


Great point, bhai aapne iss point ke chakkar mein merri saarri baaton ki value drop kardi, lol.


Ok i thought tum bhi bologo Karan Khan apni theories leke aate rehta he...btw aajkal online jyada rehta.ramadan me kaam kam regta hoga.


Yaar forum par kaam ki wajah se nahi kam aatta tha, bass bore ho gaya tha. Ab phirse aesehi kholne lagga hoon, par thoda sa hi.

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Salman is doing allright..... It's SRK i'm worried about, What is he doing..?? Salman did whst his fans want, Dabangg 2 or bodyguard were bad but good enough to please masses that's all..... but SRKIANS or any SRK fan or admirer didn't asked for Ra.one or HNY or JTHJ

What content CE had..?? But still it's accepted if you can do films like CE after MNIK, D2, JTHJ but what was the reason of doing HNY and why in the world would anyone postpone FAN for DILWALE is beyond me

People criticise Salnan for doing films with relatives but remind me what exactly is SRK doing..?? He signed JTHJ without reading script just for Yash ji, HNY for Farah......... What he got and what his fans got and what general audience got except dissapointment..?? Most SRKIANS were woreied for HNY more than excited due to farah, after watching trailer we were still trying to tell ourself that this is just trailer, they didn't showed anything, promos will show better, picture abhi baki hai etc etc
Thing is that not everyone can get a script of content plus entertainment but this doesn't mean one can't balance things, Dilwale won't be some content film, it is meant for only entertainment, It can be better than CE, If one can't find a film with both content and entertainment then why not release 2 films, one good content film other one being yoyr regular masala entertainer that's why i wanted Fan to release before Dilwale, to balance things out because now i have to see a thing which 2 year ago i thought was impossible - 3 b2b masala films from SRK.....

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About the Yash Raj part, that I disagree about. Yash Raj is not only a very respected figure, but also a very good director, most wouldn't argue much about whether his flm would be good or not. As for JTHJ, the film can be called maybe not in it's time really.

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Right now srk is just cashing in on other's stardom.Kabhi do,kabhi rohit,kabhi varun..kabhi combination of them

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Yaa right....... Kabhi Raju Kabhi Dhoom........
Both Aamir and Srk deserve respect

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What happened to Gajhini and Fanaa
Why cant they became ATBB?
Why Dhoom3 wasnt appreciated as far as content is concerned and became blockbuster with decent content backed by Aamir's goodwill and biggest franchisee?
Only 3Idiots and PK got both huge critical as well as commercial acclaim so thats due to Raju Hirani.
No doubt Dangal will have good to excellent content.Lets see whether it get commercial success like PK or 3Idiots.

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Thats just a tag we are using that it was first movie to do 100cr business.Otherwise it was not that big grosser.3Idiots releasing after 1 year did 80% more then Gajhini.Point is Dhoom2 did 80cr so 2 years after it it shouldnt be a big deal for a movie to do 100cr.Gajhini wasnt appreciated like 3Idiots especially as far as content is concerned.if after 4years from now if a movie do 400cr then it wont be a that big.it may be appreciated for crossing 400cr but finall footfalls will be much lower then like of 3Idiots..Why not Fanaa it was also big commercial entertainer.Even Talaash if i say wasnt appreciated by all the core audience of Aamir even if we leave boxoffice aside.


If Ghajini was not a bog grosser then the last big grosser before PK and 3i was HAHK. No offense. Just using your logic.


then CE,Dabbang and ETT are also big grossers.He asked about 3I getting both crictical as well as comm acclaim.so my question is how many movie Aamir had without Raju which had acceptance like 3Idiots or PK.


Yes CE, Dabangg and ETT are also big grossers. All of them had more than 2 crores footfalls.

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sultan medium content k sath 300cr , fan high content k sath 84cr ..............srk nay teri baat sun li.

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Sometimes Srkians say Raees is not that commercial movie. Sometimes they say it will thrash Sultan. God knows how their minds function.

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Yeah srk+yrf badly thrashed ajay's SOS.


JTHJ didnt thrashed SOS.but still collected more then SOS despite having negative wom.I am quite sure Raees will be better film.Though clash wont happen but still if it happens then Raees will beat Sultan by decent margin.Even it can thrash Sultan if wom of Sultan is mixed.


Yes Srkians were quite sure JTHJ would have much better wom than crappy masala SOS.


Yup,Because no ome expected JTHJ to be that bad due to SRK-YRF previous films..
SOS was still crap but got better wom

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o bhai srk just want to copy salman ,want to become salman and always want to have a fan following like salman thats why he failing.

he should copy aamir' s work instead of followiing salman bcz everybody can't become salman.

you are such a big fool why you include salman name with srk.salman is doing best he knows his game its just srk who is confused ,sometimes he makes salman kind of entterriners and sometimes aamir type of content films.

so leave salman and care only for srk.

you expect salman to make 3 idiots or pk type of films?

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