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SRK'ians like bajaj,hasan,hhh etc stay away

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OMG - People who say Ghajini is Masala must be Fool. Yes it was meant for masses and classes as well. It was a psychological-thriller crafted with good action and pace.

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For me it was a pyschological thriller but it was very entertaining that's why people call it as masala

i would call it 50% of classes and 50% for masses

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And was i allowed to answer here


U hv a brain,do u think u are in the league of bajaj,sanal,hasan etc

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gajini was first south hit movie Remake; So definitely A "TendSetter" Now everyone is doing south remake (before that no one even dare that because sensiblity of both industry is way diffrent; this is the perception which aamir broke) Gajini was not typical Masala movie thought it had some masala content...Overall its a Psychological thriller with south masala tadka..Thats how I describe Gajini......

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For new concept (class ratio 50% ) plus good heroism and action (mass ratio 50%)..overall Nice blend of Class and mass..

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If you look at the meaning of masala than its definitely a masala movie because it has romance, action, comedy, darama and added mystry flavour. but if you look at the recent masala movies than we comne to know that the term masala refers to the movie which has only entertainment factor without any sense so in such meaning Gajini is not at all a masala movie. but in the end i would say gener masala ho ya na ho it was a very good movie quality as well as entertainmentwise.

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Love story was more liked in the movie rather then revenge part.if there was only revenge part then masses would hv rejected the movie so movie had universal appeal with liked by all kind of audience.

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Watever it was it was million times better than father aged heroes stupid masala like Chennai express, dabangg, bodyguard, om shanti om, rowdy rathore and all. Good movie ghajini. Other than ranbir only aamir makes sensible movies. Pa pa pa pa mane na mane na.

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Yes both means same anyway and since i am ranbir fan i mention name of ranbir first. Wathever both are better than father aged skin wrinkled heroes srk, salman and akshay.


Black Crow - Hamare khayalat kafhi milte julte hain. We were unlucky with Besharam, otherwise things would have been different here.


Yes bro. Its good i have some partner here. Just tell the mods not to ban me. They banned me in previous forum due to complain of some coward srk fans.


No, that is not in my hand. But you should come with a point everytime. We know that Ranbir and Aamir are far better actor then others. Stick to it and accept that Besharam was a Flop.Thats all but then Talk about Barfi, rockstar, YJHD

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