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Are there other directors you want to collaborate with?
I want to work with Dibakar [Banerjee] and Vishal [Bhardwaj]. I was also engaged in trying to do something with them for a long time but it didn't work out unfortunately. I want to work with Zoya [Akhtar], Rajkumar Hirani and Shoojit Sircar. There are so many interesting filmmakers coming with interesting takes, interesting worlds and they are creating a new hero. My stardom can only help them create that. I should empower these directors. If I have certain stardom today, if I can give Anurag Kashyap Rs.80 crore to do a Bombay Velvet and the kind of film it is, that really excites me.

It is also important actors do that because otherwise audiences are stuck with formulaic, staid films.
It is very boring for me also. I have to do an Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani to do a Wake Up Sid and Rocket Singh. But it is important to have a film like Ajab because India loves those films, so you can't run away from that

But does the poor box office performance of films like Rocket Singh discourage you from doing other projects like it?
No. It will never stop me. With Bombay Velvet too, I don't know if it is a commercial film, if it's going to make the numbers. But we had no idea with Barfi! too. It made Rs.100 crore, when we thought it would do Rs.40 or 50 crore. If it's a good story, if it's new, original and engaging, then there is no limit.

You are venturing into production next year. What's the kind of cinema you want to present under your banner Picture Shuru?
I believe if you like something and believe in it, then people will like that something. You have to make the film for an audience but you can't direct or write or act in every step keeping them in mind. You are exposed to world cinema, so many good and bad films, sometimes we ourselves are part of so many laughable films. But at the same time our audience is very different, we are not that evolved but we are still evolved with the way how musical our cinema is. To incorporate that without it seeming stupid and making it believable is challenging.

With Picture Shuru, I told Dada [Anurag Basu] that we don't really have a film that children like. We just give them Krrish. We take children for granted, the kind of films they like. They like ET and Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series. These are films that grownups like also. With Jagga Jasoos we are offering audiences an engaging and thrilling detective story. There's a kid who has this ability but he also the handicap of a stammer. We present it in the musical format with 25 songs. But it is not singing and dancing. Even if it is a dramatic scene he has to sing it and perform it. If he doesn't, he will start stuttering. Basu has this madness and I have an understanding of it. So we decided to do something new and it could fall flat on our faces but we thought let's give it a try. How do you write scenes in a musical format? It is challenging but there is still lots left to do

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Films like Jagga Jasoos should never lose on pace... It will require a lot of hardwork... Idk if Anurag has capacity to put as much

by Assistant Director (56.6k points)
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Films like that shouldnt be tacky too...and with so many songs...the situations where he performs (sings) them should be hilarious and fresh...if they get repetitive...then film will bore and irritate you. The idea is interesting...let hope Anurag basu pulls it off

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ab lag raha ki Jagga bhi dubega. 25 songs. Are you mad. 3 minute karke bhi 75 minute hote hain. Wrong step.

by Second Unit Director (77.7k points)

most of them will be snippets and most songs will be in dialogue format. Wont consume special time.


still basu's film making style is not like that. He is too trying to be different from his previous work just like kashayp did. Lets hope for the best. The film delayed for 20 months. Thats a minus.


Yes, its a risky project. Delay in project hurt it most as Ranbir's lineup has gone haywire and now its releasing next year in june means Kjo directorial is postponed. Also JJ coming in June means it will tough to get spotlight in media too as Srk has raees in July in a negative role and Hrithik is coming wih his Magnum Opus Mohenjdaro in August after nearly 2 years. Buzz for those movies will be lot higher than JJ and june 3 though post ipl period but its also start of Ramadan month (from june 6). But Ranbir-katrina pairing will create buzz for the movie at the time of release.