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Bombay Velvet: A clear disappointment!
Well you have Anurag Kashyap as a director, you have Ranbir Kapoor in lead and Anushka leading lady. You have Manish Chaudhary, Kay Kay Menon as a supporting actor, what else is needed for a great treat? yes, that's the script. No one want to watch an old story with new cast, Bombay Velvet, though different from other underworld/mafia/gangsters movie, but unfortunately the difference is only visually. You can guess what will happen at the end just hearing Ranbir's dialogue to Anushka, "when I'll die, you have to say 'he used to be a big shot!'".
Direction: Anurag Kashyap will never disappoint you by his direction. his direction was as good as you expect from him generally and usually, that's how classy and terrific director he is. But even a terrific director can't make a terrific film without a terrific script. but I can see that's all he can do, that's all he can do for a "commercial film". bcz he can't be more commercial than this, that's how he is. that's how he directs. Bombay Velvet definitely tests audience patience but the narrating style is something that can be termed as a plus point. perhaps it was Anurag's direction that put BV, in a slightly different genre than movies like Company or Satya. though the main difference was the romantic story.

Plot: A young boy, Johny Balraj, wants to be a big shot, met Kaizad Khambatta for whom he started to work. Meanwhile he meets Rosie and immediately fall for her without knowing her past.

Performance: Ranbir Kapoor is the one reason for whom you can pay your money for this film. he is Rohit Sharma of Bollywood, and he proved it again. His role somehow gives you a feeling in the beginning that it's Barfi not Balraj, untill he becomes violent. Barfi wouldn't do such things after all.
Anushka is a good actress, she can be named as one of those actresses who are popular as well as talented. her looks was fantastic, she sizzled on screen and her chemistry with Ranbir was very good.
Kay Kay had limited things to do and he did his part with perfection.
Manish Chaudhary is as good as always. he is of course a good actor and his serious character was praiseworthy.
Others were equally good...except our director turned producer turned actor Karan Johar. and what is more sad is his debut is in an Anurag Kashyap movie. he is wasted. perhaps he was always a wasted actor but somehow Anurag found some acting talent in him, like Dhoni and Sir Jadeja.

Music: Though the BGM was good, but overall music was below average. All the songs used in background, Behroopiya is the only good song and Darbaan was ok.

Overall, Bombay Velvet is an old wine, in old bottle, with a different label. You may like it, you may dislike it, it all upon you, but overall it's a disappointment and no doubt it will be an another underperformer by RK. ratings- 3/5

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Lol.......RK is rohit sharma of bw


He is not Rohit Sharma of bollywood, He is Virat Kohli of bollywood. Already having talent and proved it many times. But now both guys having bad time.


Someone has 2 odi double centuries.


@criminal... added 500 points to ur account.

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A Simple Yet Extravagant Journey That Goes Without Relatedness. Nevertheless, You May Enjoy The Glimpse Of Extravagant Praise.

Well.. It's an Anurag Kahsyap movie and according to most of dudes, nothing I say do really matter since I'm certified biased about his films. Still, I'm giving my opinion as I've always given with my full of honesty.

What's Good :
. The efforts went in movie are really applauded. We have very clear glance of those elements while watching the movie. Re-creation of the city, arrangement of antiques, prominent and lavish work on lighting and other technical department give us a quick look of BOMBAY from 60's. And, these are some stuff why they say is new to Bollywood. It has really something, we've been introduced by first time in Bollywood.
. Heading toward stars performance. It's really stellar and incredible. I mean it. They've done most honest work. Ranbir is rockstar, no doubt. I personally never seen Anushka sharma looking so gorgeous. Just loved her. Karan Johar looks mean. Overall, a nice debut with only 11 rupees fee. #Respect All other casts have done great job too. Special mention for Raveena. Oh! She is just so sexy in both of songs.
. Some of dialogues and sequence are quirky that change your expression.
. Amit Trivedi's music is another strong point that must be added.

What's Bad :
. Director We Loved : No doubt it has style. But, it had not that style we were seeking for. I desperately missed Anurag in most of frame. The humor, depth of sequences, relatedness with characters, powerful conversation were missing. At a point, you started believing, ''No, no way, it can't be an Anurag movie''. And, I consider it big disadvantage. It doesn't have Anurag presence.
. The Story We Wanted : It has very simple and on going story. With not having major twist and turn. One can easily guess the story. Waw and shocking moments were missing that we have had always in all past Anurag movies.
*. Run Time : It has been clearly dragged in first half that starts boring you. It might have been trimmed by 15-20 minutes. Some details they tried to brought about old Mumbai in movie has nothing to take and give to normal audiences.

Final Verdict : It has been stucked between mainstream and parallel frames of cinema and ends giving not a particular flavor. Still, it's enjoyable for its on going substance and technicalities. One can enjoy it who doesn't expect sort of entertainment we seek from a 100 crores big budget commercial venture.

My Message To Anurag Kahsyap As A Fan Boy :
''Baadshah Sadko Ka Tu, Sadke Hi Teri Taqdeer Hai.
Dakhila Unche Makano Mein Kuchh Thekedaro Ki Jaagir Hai..''
So, please you keep doing what you're known for. We love you.

My Rating : 7/10

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Dekh bhai,mujhe pata hai tu shayari ka credits lena chahta tha Amit Trivedi ka, woh toh bhala Ho mera Maine Raghib ki galat fahmi dur kar di..ab tujhe gussa aana toh lazmi hai..naak pe gussa


LOL. Well, Thanks Jitendar Bhai.. Hope, you're right here.


Abe chup. Warna ga@nd pe gussa utarunga. LOL
Main batane hi wala tha ki yeh Bombay Velvet se hai written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. But, tabhi tera non-literal comment dekh liya.
I'm not credit chor. Okay?


I knew this was coming from you... Anurag Kashyap is caught in the middle die hard fans like you miss his original punches and normal audience.. Better not to talk about them..

I forgot to write about Raveena Tandon in my review.. She was luking damn sexy

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You will be bored but not dissapointed..(This is the USP as well as Drawback of the film)

The story is of a boy named Johnny who wants to be a big shot or in other words Famous and a girl from Portuguese Occupied Goa with the voice of Nightingale .

Anurag Kashyap's Direction -- His films have always been known for a unique style of story telling and here it is no different.The difference is that he has tried and tried hard to make it commercial and has failed in doing so. It is hard to find flaws with his direction and he again proves here why he is the best Niche Director we have.The film is like a American Gangster Movie coupled with Music of the 1960's and 70's.Screenplay is very slow and tests your patience although it never loses the plot.If you are a fan of Anurag's direction then you gonna love this film but if you are not you might end up cursing why you spent your money.(I am saying this because I heard people saying it.)
Ranbir Kapoor -- We know he is an excellent actor and is capable of pulling of any role.He succeeds this time too.He delivers a fine performance but there are moments where he looks out of place.(4/5)
Anushka Sharma-- She delivered a fantastic performance as Rozzie ...She is proving her versatility as her career is going stronger and stronger.(3.5/5)
Manish Chaudhry -- He is an outstanding actor and deserves more roles in films.(4.5/5)
Kay Kay Menon -- Kay Kay played his part as a police officer exceedingly well.(4/5)
Karan Johar -- Still cn't figure out why Anurag Kashyap choose to cast him..But there's one dialogue he says to Ranbir over phone which is the only moment in the film you are going to laugh.(2.5/5)
The guy who plays Ranbir's friend and Vivaan Shah also played their parts well.
Last Words -- It is a Visual , Musical Treat with a story which is somewhat predictable..It lacks the final punch that Anurag Kashyap films usually have.
Overall Rating -- 4/5

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Audience Reaction was Average..Some said it is brilliant and Some said it is Bakwaas..Occupancy -- Around 65-70 %


means that it won't cross 100 crs so flop or disaster looking at it's budget, what do you think..??


Collection will be 85cr max.. So, Flop..


..... and what is the duration??

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2/5*...Only For Performances...Anushka Sharma Stole d Show

Just Stay Away From it...It's The Xpose 2

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Its straight and simple that if you are making 100cr commercial film then don't forget to add entertainment in it, otherwise you will **** badly and this is what happened to bombay velvet and Anurag Kashyap.
Coming to review, It is stucked between mainstream and parallel frame of cinema and ends giving not a particular flavour. Anurag Kashyap tried hard to make it commercial but failed in two things. It is neither became totally commercial nor a Kashyap's type totally niche film.
In first half I totally missed Anurag Kashyap. In second half we seen real Anurag Kashyap but that too in less quantity.
Direction - Film will tell you that why is Anurag Kashyap regarded as one of the finest directors.
Still Anurag Kashyap's die hard fans like me will miss real Anurag Kashyap style story telling, Shocking scenes, fadu conversations, Humour, character relating with each other, depth.
Editing, Cinematography and plot - It's very slow and particularly boring in first half it got speed in second half.
Well, I appreciate Kashyap for giving such fantastic glimpse of real bombay of 60's.
And accepts that, he did 300cr film in 100cr. And for this whole thing I have proud of Kashyap.
All the actors did fantastic job. Love you Ranbir.
Finally a good film with lack of entertainment ( due to commercialness ) and without real Anurag Kashyap fails for a reason.
3/5 from me.

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