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Oh Liked it ...
Waiting for intense drama
And everything that Suhas said ...


acha trailer h.....don't know if any other thing matters when Emraan Hashmi is looking in so terrific form.....will watch it for Emraan's awsum performance

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Liked it... And finally good music is here...

I got to admit, I tried hard throughout the trailer to find it to be a 'remake / inspired' version of some Foreign film, but looking at the 3 actors plus that background score, ended up liking it.

The only thing that put me off was when the screen showed 'From the director of Aashiqui 2 & Ek Villain'.

Rajkummar Rao as the over possessive psycho husband, Vidya Balan as the loyal wife struggling between her wrongful husband & her past lover, Emraan Hashmi as the one who has lost his love & badly hurt to see her in an unhappy marriage...! And this tale told with heart touching songs & music, what more can we ask?

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Nice answer bro! 2/3 chart busters are expected!!


Oh the rating - 3.5/5


I liked Rajkumar makeover. His getup in the first scene is too good. And ya lets hope its better than A2 and Ek Villain...both of which are not Mohit suri's best work. Music as usual is looking good. Expecting the movie to have intense drama rather than being melodramatic

Ghani Bawari Hoge - Tanu Weds Manu 3.75/5Give Your Rating
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Like it, though it's a love story but the intensity and performance is highlight and music is key here and I just love the song which is there hamari adhuri kahaani, my rating 3.5/5 and .25 extra for music 3.75/5.

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Well I liked the trailer....Music is looking to be great.....I just hope it opens with good numbers as it's very crucial for Emraan Hashmi......Waiting for this Intense Romance....4/5.....extra .5 for Acting of lead actors

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Good trailer but didn't find anything special except lead cast's performances.Music should be great.Seems to be somewhat a typical love story.3/5.

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i don't like it .it looks like another ek villan.
this might be first flop of mohit suri after ashique 2,ek villan but this time even good music won't save bcz emraan is finished now.

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What was the last thing you liked..
I mean you hate queen You hate HAK trailer..
All this makes me curious


the last thing which i liked :i really liked the first trailer of dil dhadkne do and watched it more than 10 times upon its release.i had high hopes from the movie and really wanted it to be 100cr but it lacks chartbuster.it seems songs aren't too good.lets see.

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Trailer is not superb as EV's trailer but a good one.I like Mohit Suri movies like Awarapan,EV and I'm very excited for this one and as we all know the soundtrack of Mohit Suri's movies is brilliant.Hope this ends Emraan Hashmi's string of flop movies. Meri taraf se 4/5 for the trailer.

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Liked the trailer..3.75/5 from me..
Will watch it for superb performances and chartbuster songs..!!

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