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Daman the pic isn't visible.. Had to watch the trailer & bam it was the train scene from Kick... That's Brahmi...

But anyways it stars Ram & my rule never watch his film in the theater. Wonder why people praise Rakul so much, she wasn't that praiseworthy in Loukyam.

And by the trailer I think it's another film where the second half happens in Villain's house....

More than Ram, the film is directed by Gopichand Malineni & I'm yet to recover from that awful Balupu. Guess Kona Venkat will have more responsibility than the entire cast & crew.

But felt good watching a couple of glimpses of MS Narayana in the trailer. Sonal Chauhan doesn't look good with Ram I can tell right away.


lol..I posted gif so that you could be saved from the trailer...Even i wont dare to watch Ram's film in theatre again. I suffered enough for Endukante premanta. The trailer is very bad. routine movie. Btw i guess you're wrong abt Kona venkat. He made such idiotic satement of FB as many are criticising for dishing out same type of nonsensical movie again. Check here


That's really a stupid statement. It's like a blind fan talking.

Well when I spoke about Kona Venkat it was solely about his writing skills... He has means to reach out to the audience in an entertaining way. That's why I said he will have more work/contribution than the rest of them.


But I liked the first line of his fb statement huh... It has some sense, cinemalu kothaga cheyyakpoyina parledu kani chettaga mathram cheyyakoodadu... When you're done asking something new, you'll realize that this is the 'actual' request of every moviegoer just wishing them to not make a 'bad' film or badly made film.

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Master-peace from the masterclass director.........
Biggest movie of india is comming...................

by Casting Director (18.3k points)
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I expected the poster of prabhas...but this also good.

waiting for july 10th.....................

by Assistant Director (56.8k points)

Prabhas's Shivudu character will be revealed on May 4th.

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Meko kuchh samajh nahi aaya.

by Assistant Director (52.3k points)

The poster explains it all.. The baby is 'Baahubali' who is the destined one. The film is the story of Baahubali.