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Akshay-Yes, Rowdy Rathore had more loud comedy in it. This one also has comedy, but in a more subtle manner. The issue in this film is more serious and so is the character. So the comedy is also in accordance with that. Serious people tend to have a different type of comedy and that is what is there in this film.
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But that serious people still wont come to watch Gabbar.Problem with Akki is that he wants to make movie with Plexes with mind yet appeal to single screen also.So in this process he wont be able to cater any of these audience..If he is making serious movie then why to have songs like Aao Raja..Instead of this song there should have been dialogue promos which appeal to everyone..Serious people or Non serious people ke chakkar me Gabbar nahi chalegi.

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Aao Raja appleaed to multiplexes & single equally. How does it makes a difference?

What was the buzz of Gabbar in your friends circle?

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