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Natasha and Banner? Seriously! Naah!
Story not that good. Spader's voice is like too awesome, but of course, robot kind of doesn't intimidate as much. Batman vs Superman is way more exciting than any other Marvel movie right now.

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This is extremely tough to review this film without revealing any sort of spoilers...

So to keep it extremely simple, here's the minusses & also those plusses...

  1. This is all style no substance.
  2. The dialogues are quirky right, but nowhere near to the first part.
  3. I mentioned style so obviously all visual effects, action is a notch higher than the prequel.
  4. Tony Stark still gets away with all the best lines.
  5. The film as expected is frontloaded with tons of action & all those scenes to shed light on back stories are just like your usual tv commercial breaks before the major action kicks in.
  6. The twins as promised are extremely fun to watch on big screen.
  7. The Avengers will take you for a ride.

And if you find the above points little condescending then it's because Marvel have raised the bar with Captain America:Winter Soldier with a strong script that backed all the glorifying visual effects... Marvel's Avengers itself isn't the best product anymore so this sequel too follows it's prequel's path... As heartbreaking it is, this film doesn't have repeat value.

But hey the positive, all the old avengers + the new avengers, combined have kicked arses royally. Considering that alone, you're all in for a treat. Spader as Ultron, his dialogue delivery keeps you hooked but mind you he's no Loki. Plus most of the scenes do give you the reference to the prequel & the prequel tends to come out as the better one in those particular referred scenes.

Major complaint which has become redundant with every 3D converted films, it does nothing but reduce the brightness of the entire film. You pay extra bucks for the 3D glasses & that's about it.

My Rating - 3.5/5 (Sure it's something to watch out for.)

Final Words - Action doesn't fail to win your heart, story does fail to stay in your heart.

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You watched in English or hindi dub?


Ofcourse English...

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Part horror, part love story, part morality tale, Age Of Ultron is a smart superhero smackdown that raises the bar once more.

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Plz mention your ratings out of 5..

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Avengers :Age of Ultron
Well the film lives upto massive expectation it had, plot is simple stark & Banner creates an Artificial Intelligence to save humans but Ultron thinks human extinction is the only way to save earth, how Avengers destroy Ultron and save humanity forms the rest of the story.

Performance wise RDJ stands tall as iron man, he gets the best lines but hulk gets the loudest cheers, watch out for the action they are even better than the first part, Thor,Captain America,Black Widow,Hawkeye were good too, Climax is simply awesome it's better than Avengers and a visual treat

But one thing I didn't like is Ultron he isn't terrifying like it was shown in trailer. but overall Avengers 2 is better than Avengers
My rating:

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I take back my rating it's 2/5 from my side, its horrid blunder done by Josh whedon


May be i follow same after an year. As of now both are 7/10 for me. Watched 2nd few days back only.


If you follow comics you'll hate it, if not it won't hate that much


No Never Read Any Marvel/Dc Comic

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What an awesome movie.Not a big fan of Hollywood films but man oh man Avengers really rocked.Its a treat to watch from start to finish.There's nothing to complain.The movie moves in a great pace.Thor,Captain America,Iron Man,Hulk etc all did superb job.The action scenes are top notch and hardcore.People are going nuts for them.Special mention of Iron Man vs Hulk fight scene.One of the best movies ever.My rating 4.5\5.A must watch!

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Have u seen first part?....Can we watch the movie if we haven't seen first part


No.I haven't seen 1st part.Still it was great!

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avengers = Story :- Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program . Things go terrible and avengers must stop the villain ultron
Story line is good from the previous one
vfx is superb
acting is okayish through
Actions are superb
and music could be better
Tota; = 4/5 A superb film

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Meh! It's an average flick. . . .

I'm not a superhero movies fan. But, I must say, I liked its prequal. And, I had certain exception from its sequel that haven't got filled anyhow. Let's make few points.
. Biggest drawback is its story itself. It's like they're running out of powerful and interesting ideas. Story is very ordinary and not so engaging.
. They added two new avengers, twin brother-sister,I don't know if it is right to call 'em part of avengers, but it's okay they've superpowers and played important role to win the war. They were really good. They entertained me. But, on contrary both were much more like mutants of X-Men. And they made whole game even more simplistic that I didn't really want. We had enough avengers in the team already.
. First half was totally bland, though started on good notes. Second half brought some good and entertaining stuff. Still 'waw' moment was missing throughout whole movie. Even, climax part failed to compete with its prequal climax.
. On good notes, it has really awesome dialogues, for not only Tony Stark but every characters. I must say, dialogues were more entertaining than action scenes. So witty, humours and fun loving.
*. Love and emotions part between Natasha and Hulk. That's nice.
My Rating : 6/10

Final Words : Well. I'm being resilient here. So, take your decision yourself. I only say, you can enjoy this flick if you're hardcore fan of superhero movies. I personally didn't find anything great about it except few moments were good. So, no powerful recommendation.

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They didn't made game easy, what made the game easy was that ULTRON wasn't as menacing merciless destroyer as was shown in trailer.........
They hired more players because HULK is gone, HAWKEYE is retired, IRON MAN is retired (sort off), THOR is gone so they needed new avengers so they got them, now you can't expect avengers 3 to have only BLACK WIDOW and CAPTAIN AMERICA...??


LOL. So for sake of part 3, let's make part 2 bad.
Bhai. I really admire Avenger 1st. But, Avenger 2 is not even half of its prequal.


It's a story, since IRON MAN in 2008, it is all part of story, each and every film is connected and this is the way to introduce new characters, you can't make movie for every character but foot many characters there will be more movies and then those characters will also join Avengers 3
BTW you won't see any of Original avengers in AVENGERS 3....... maybe black widow or maybe not, no Hulk, no iron msn, no thor and no captain........ these all will return for Avengers 4....... it's the comic storyline and i can even tell you why they won't
because Thor will be imprisoned after Yhor 3 and captain America will be dead after captain America 3 but they will return for avengers 4, Thor will be out of prison and captain America will be resurrected ( yes, it's true, he will become alive again)
so here i told you the story of CAPTAIN AMERICA 3, THOR 3, AVENGERS 3 and AVENGERS 4........... even before they are released


LOL. It's all futile unless I enjoy the movie. I don't have much interest in watching Iron Man. So, haven't watched part 3. Have watched both part of Captain America and Thor.
Well, it's okay. If people liking it. I don't have any problem. I just didn't enjoy it as much other people seem enjoying.
Anyways. you read Marvel comics?

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same as the first one.............
my rating- 2/5

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