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Here is the details:

Double or Nothing - Its simple, you will have to cash in your own hard earned points against the outcome of the match and If you predict correct winner then I will double the amount you cashed in simple. If you got it wrong then double the amount of points you cashed in will be deducted from your TOTAL. So one user can cash-in Maximum 0-500 Points per game.  

Triple or Nothing -:   Same as Above , you will have to cash in your own hard earned points against the highest scorer or highest wicket taker of the match and If you predictcorrect winner then I will triple  the amount you cashed in simple. If you got it wrong then triple the amount of points you cashed in will be deducted from your TOTAL. So one usercan cash-in Maximum 0-50 Points for Highest wicket taker and Highest Run Scorer.

Predictions Contest 8: Answer below!

Winner of the match  RCB or SRH Cash in and get double the points.
HIghest Run Scorer Cash in and get triple the points
Highest Wicket Taker Cash in and get triple the points   

PS.Its not necessary to predict all 3 , you can also choose any one if you want to.

How to answer:

Answer: Team you think gonna win the match & (Amount you gonna cash in, which will get doubled if your prediction is right)

So for eg: I think MI will win and I would like to cash in 50 pts so my prediction will look like this :  MI will win (50)

Highest Run Scorer (Amount you gonna cash in, which will get tripled if your prediction is right) -: For Example Gambhir (50 Points)     
Highest Wicket Taker (Amount you gonna cash in, which will get tripled  if your prediction is right) -: for Example Malinga (50 Points)


TIME LIMIT : Till the first bowl is bowled

Thank you & best of luck ! image

closed with the note: Time up!
in Sports Related by Assistant Director (59.8k points)
99% Accept Rate

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Not 1 I edited it.. I will give you 2..as the contest is double the points


sounds fair now....


Nice bro, today am also participating in this game of luck,and prediction.


Sihan, Sanal, boxofficeman, Dilip1555, blanka, moviezfun, Super Rocking Khan, Arvind, Rocking Khan - 1000.

Jass -858, dipok - 600, Irdwhelp - 1030, naya yug - 1150, fullmetal - 100, lucifer - 198.

Neeraj I'm giving you grace, you have only 52 points so not cutting your points.

Sanjeev +850 +2 extra for being the only winner.

13 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

SRH will win 500 points
Highest run scorer Naman Ojha 50 points
Highest wicket taker B Kumar 50 points

by Editor (83.6k points)
selected by

LOL OJha didn't even get a chance to bat.


I had put Trent Boult but I thought RCB batmen will play him wisely and so Boult won't pick more than one wkt while B. Kumar will take adv of pressure built by Boult. I forgot that Boult is more likely to pick wkts towards the end when batsmen r trying to hit him.


I don't know why everyone predicted RCB to win. RCB team is decent at best if you look carefully. They don't even have a single class bowler. Kohli and Karthik are not in great touch. RCB needs either Gayle or ABD to score above 80+ if they are to win as of now. Once Starc joins n Kathik, KOhli get in touch then RCB would be deadly.


Congratulations.. You are the only one to win..

0 votes

500 Points on RCB..

by Mega Star (200k points)
0 votes


by Producer (109k points)
0 votes

RCB ........................ 500points

by Editor (88.5k points)
0 votes

RCB will win (500)
Max run - AB de Villiars(50)
Max wicket - Trent Boult(50)

by Production Accountant (21.9k points)
0 votes

Royal Challengers Bangalore (500 pts)
Virat Kohli Highest Runs (50 pts)
Trent Boult Most Wickets (50 pts)

by Producer (114k points)
0 votes

RCB will win (300)
Boult Highest Wicket (50)
Violists Highest Run (50)

by Production Designer (14.1k points)
0 votes


by Production Accountant (22.9k points)
0 votes

RCB will Win... (500)...
Ab.D ...(10)......

by Editor (83.4k points)
edited by
0 votes

Royal challangers banglaor
will win (25)

0 votes

Rcb-500 points
Kohli-50 points(run)

by Director (130k points)
0 votes


by Unit Manager (34.2k points)
edited by
0 votes

Rcb........................ (99)

by Production Accountant (28.9k points)

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