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Worldwide Collections of Salman's Films since 2010- 1801 Crores, Average- 1801/8= 225 Crores

Worldwide Collections of King Khan's Films since 2010- 1688 Crores, Average- 1688/6= 281 Crores

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They say that SRK has Fake stardom.................Shameless morons.Even since 2010 SRK gave 6 Back to Back Hits in India and Overseas.In 2000-2009 SRK gave 4 Gigantic Blockbusters while Salman gave Zero.Po Po Po.............SRK gave 10 Blockbusters in Overseas while Salman gave Zero.SRK gave 6 All Time Blockbusters in Overseas while Salman gave Zero.Now You decide who is a Fake Superstar...............Ole Ole

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I ain't gonna bat for others....

But everytime you use 'Po Po Po' - A song which became famous because of Salman Khan.

And 'Ole Ole Ole' - A song which made Saif Ali Khan famous.

Either way whenever you bat for Srk, you celebrate using Salman Khan's song...!

And I never understood this domestic + overseas combined stats. I mean you've worldwide verdicts too... Saying 26 combined, did Shah Rukh act in 12 movies exclusive for India & Indians alone, with 14 films for overseas alone that you're adding them up as if Srk acted in 26 films in that period !!!


Shah Rukh gave that many 'GIGANTIC' blockbusters in India, Salman gave 'ZERO'.
Shah Rukh gave that many 'GIGANTIC' blockbusters in Overseas, Salman gave 'ZERO'.

No matter how many 'GIGANTIC' blockbusters Shah Rukh in the end you're comparing him with Salman Khan only. I say that's called 'BEING SUPERSTAR naaah... MEGASTAR'.

By the way Salman gave ZERO, Salman gave ZERO.... Heck we INDIANS gave the world the number ZERO....! Chalo we got Aryabhata himself on Salman's side.

"Now You decide who is a Fake Superstar"

So someone calling Srk a fake superstar becomes a shameless moron. Then you go onto ask 'who is a fake superstar' as if Salman Khan's name is the right answer... atleast expecting !!! Anyways for your information, India has never seen a fake superstar right from the birth of Indian cinema. Because Indians choose their own Superstars. Unlike politicians chosen by Indians, in these 100+ years of Indian Cinema, Indians have atleast not gone wrong with their choice of superstars because they chose them with their heart & soul.

Oh by the way, Shah Rukh has chartbuster songs... If you want to celebrate your own victory, try using one. I think 'Tu Ru Ru' serves the same purpose well than Ole Ole or Po Po... Otherwise since you chose a mindless Salman song Po Po, replace it with a mindless Srk song 'Lungi Dance'....

answered by Mega Star (246k points)
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Ole Ole..................................

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And Salman khan gave b2b 5 blockbusters (including 3 b2b highest grosser of the year ) in three years and Srk gave only one bb in last 6 yrs (no highest grosser of the year)!!! Don't compare one best phase with another bad phase... Compare with the best phase.....

answered by Production Accountant (20.7k points)
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even if srk give 50 hits he won't take the place of salman.salman rules people heart.both of them makes same kind of films but salman films are more entertaining and connects well to the common people of country.hes todays amitabh and rajesh khanna to a very little extent among curret superstars.he is called rajnikanth of bollywood for no reason.
also in terms of fan following salman is miles ahead of srk.

answered by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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Ek gandi machli saare samundar ko ganda karti hai....
IYKWIM .... ole ole..
now sing po po po....

answered by Second Unit Director (79.9k points)

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