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Shahid Afridi has the Average of 14 in World Cups where he played 27 Matches since 1999 with Highest of 37.Your Views.

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Sachin Tendulkar in 1996 Scored More Runs than Afridi scoring in 1999,2003,2007,2011 & 2015 World Cup.And Then Some Morons say He is better than the Maestro.

asked Mar 20, 2015 in Sports Related by Baazigar All Time best! (283,143 points)
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may u enjoy him as a bowler...esp. against Tendulkar

9 Answers

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So Pakistanis don't want new talent to come and grow because they want players like afridi to play even after he fails every time lol
I agree that he was a great hitter of the cricket ball but now he is not but well who can argue with blind fans, even i have a favourite player who is currently out of the team and is a match winner but i wasn't him to come after proving himself and certainly he is better entertainer and better batsman than afridi.......

answered Mar 20, 2015 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,981 points)
selected Mar 24, 2015 by Baazigar

Man Afridi has been in team as all rounder... He as leggy has been match winner.......In first 218 matches he took 166 wickets and now he leveled matches and wickets...Has any Indian took 7-12 in ODI and batting always a bonus...I don't know why people ignore Afridi's bowling when talking about him

i always think him as a bowler who can swing his bat, lagi to lagi varna vaapas dressing room type player lol
maybe he was a good batsman but not so good bowler in his early career and then became a for Bleeker but his batting became less so it's an inverse proportionality system between his batting and bowling

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No one ever said Afridi is a good batsman,he is an entertainer. Btw why don't u talk abt wickets,in 2011 wc he was highest wicket taker.

answered Mar 20, 2015 by Navoarsenal All Time best! (267,400 points)
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Afridi = Salman Khan = entertainers. It doesn't matter how they perform.

answered Mar 20, 2015 by sanjeev11 Editor (83,392 points)
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Well are you out of your mind bro you comparing Sachin and Afridi , Afridi was a Entertainment Character always on the field ,even haters again when afridi use to come everyone would sit to thier tv sets , as a pakistani we always knew he wont give his 100 percent in batting but still would enjoyed his short innings. he was pakistan star bowler and batsmen for a decade , and what would u expect from a man coming at 6 7 position.

answered Mar 20, 2015 by IamLostSoul Assistant Director (42,259 points)

True bola bhai....................

Thanks Bro..........

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Afridi didn't perform well in WC..If u want to compare with Sachin then how many wickets Sachin took....In 2011 WC alone he took 21 wickets. Afridi is an all rounder....
why don't u talk about Inzamam,Javed Miandad,Aamir Sohail,Saeed Anwar...Afridi was one of the best all rounders...Tell me how many 50's sachin scored under 21 balls and centuries under 50 balls....

answered Mar 20, 2015 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,967 points)

We are blessed that we dont have a false legend like him

Mominul haque has better test average than tendulkar.

Yeah.. and much much much better than Shakib

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Some jealous public hate afridi because he has die hard fans, even from outside country and others don't. I never met a afridi hater although many called him freak, enigmatic but they loved him inside. A personality like afridi doesn't deserve hate, everybody loves him for his aggressive batting style, immense entertainment

answered Mar 20, 2015 by sihan Editor (88,314 points)

even on his day he have won many matches for pakistan, he is the leading MOM Award winner for pakistan and i guess 3rd in All Time List, i guess man of match are given for match winning performance

Yap true....................

''i guess man of match are given for match winning performance'' ....hahahah

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very very poor perfromance.if i was selectecr of pak board i would not allow him to play.

answered Mar 20, 2015 by Escape Plan Camera Operator (9,351 points) 1 flag
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Sachin have 62 MOTM in ODI

Afridi have just 32 MOTM despite getting chances with both Bat and Bowl.... He was all rounder na

No comparison in test....

answered Jul 4 by Ankit Casting Director (19,805 points)
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In Pakistan I Think Only Wasim Akram Can Be Compared With Sachin As A Cricketer

Sachin Greatest Batsman
Akram Greatest Fast Bowler

answered Jul 4 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,749 points)

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