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Translated dialogues which I personally liked from the trailer... But well the movie is getting a tad bit predictable already still no losing of hopes because Trivikram is bound to make the movie high on entertainment & supreme in never heard before dialogues.


1. Maa nanna drushtilo bharya ante nachi techikune bhadyatha, pillalante muyyalanipinche bharuvu... kaani naa drushtilo nanna ante o marichipoleni o nayapakam.

In my dad's eyes, a wife is a responsibility we would love to take & kids are a weight we would want to carry... but in my eyes, a dad is an unforgettable memory.


2. Tirupathi ki poyi ide yenkanna saami (venkateswara swamy) koyilani evarnaina aduguthara? adi vachesinaina.. managurinchi ikkada telisthe saaladu hyderbad lo kuda telavala.

Does anyone go to Tirupathi & ask 'is this Venkateshwara swamy temple?" It's not enough if people knew about us here, people should know about us even in Hyderbad.


3. I am Viraj Anand, s/o Satyamurthy


4 . Manam Baagunnapudu lekkalu matladi, kashtalo unnappadu viluvulu matladakudadu sir.
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Thought to make a post on it. Anyway decent trailer though i expected better.

2 Answers

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I always feel that ALLU ARJUN is the true SUCCESSOR of CHIRANJEEVI.
ramcharan is always behind him and can never cross him too...
and allu arjun got the highly possible chances get no1 in TFI...........................

the trailer is good and trivikaram dialogues are always perfect.....................

i hope this films get to be bigger success than RACEGURRAM....

by Assistant Director (55.2k points)
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+1 vote

awesome trailer .expecting good movie from allu arjun-trivikram jodi............

by Casting Director (18.3k points)

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