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‘Om’ is being re-released yet again, and this time with the state-of-the-art digital and DTS sound technology.

Released first on May 19, 1995, the Shivaraj Kumar starrer has released 550 times in the last 20 years and has run to full houses each time.

In effect, this unmatched magnum opus has been released once every two weeks,  a feat unprecedented in the Kannada film history. Here are the highlights of this movie.



1. The Story

Om is the story of a priest’s son who, after a failed love affair, takes to crime and becomes a gangster. This movie pioneered the gangster theme in Kannada films.

Shivaraj Kumar has lived the role of Satya, playing an important part in giving the movie its cult status. Ram Gopal Varma’s 1998 blockbuster ‘Satya’ has similarities with ‘Om’.


2. The Direction

This is the third directorial venture of Real Star Upendra, whose first two movies were smash hits. Upendra used the symbol of ॐ as the name of the movie. His trademark techniques of reverse screenplay, narrating the story in third person and flashbacks within flashbacks are also employed in this movie, which forced audience watch it multiple times to understand it.


3. Music


Kannada audiences still go gaga over the background music and songs composed by music director Hamsalekha. Of the five songs, two songs sung by veteran actor late Dr. Rajkumar, ‘Om Brahmananda Omkara’ and ‘O Gulabiye’ are ever-fresh, while the other three are sung by Mano, which are equally popular.


4. Casting of real gangsters

Upendra brought in real life gangsters from Bangalore underworld to feature in the movie. Some of the notorious gangsters of 1990s took bail and came out of jail to act in the movie, which created controversy and helped in promoting the movie.


5. Record satellite sale

Produced under Dr. Rajkumar’s home banner, the movie satellite rights were kept unsold for twenty years. According to a news report, it was sold recently for Rs.8 crores amidst heavy competition between TV channels.

The latest release is coming on 12th March with Digital intermediate (DI) and DTS sound technology. It will be releasing in more than 100 theatres across Karnataka.


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Om! What a movie!! Definitely one of the biggest hits ever. The direction by Upendra is top notch. I watched only small part of Kannada film available online last year but I saw the full movie in Telugu 'Omkaram' starring Rajashekar long back. That introduction scene and the way heroine birthday celebration is planned....Only Upendra could've thought of it.

I saw the Telugu version again this week (movie name propped up while discussing with friends). The movie leaves the same impact as in the first viewing ( I watched telugu version more than 5 times). And Man where do i start regarding the BGM in the film!! The movie had a very good message. I love the songs in the film. And no wonder the movie has such cult following in the home state. I'm sure Shivraj kumar was exceptional in the original. Initially i didnt know it was a remake (Telugu version) when i was not a big movie buff but later came to know about the film.I think they didnt release the DVD of the film also till now which helped the film in so many re-releases.

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Ohh...so you didnt watch the film yet?? Or did you watch the telugu version?


Ofcourse I've watched the Telugu version, I've watched the terrible Kannada version in theater print (not the one above), it was the one which had audience's head covering half the screen & the rest completely zoomed in, it was telecasted on Siti cable back in 2000 or so.


i love that song "i love u,u must love me".

in 90's Hero Rajashekar did some wonderful remake films...especially this OM & BAAZIGAR.....


upendra is the principal of weird ideas university..........( i mean he looks everything from diff angle)

what are latest projects upendra...?


Upendra is in next Allu Arjun starrer S/O of Satyamurthy. Then Upendra is directing & starring in Uppi 2.

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DDLJ is still running and guess what both films relesed in 1995.

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