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NH10 - A realistic brutal film that stumbles upon it's own cliches & 'inspired' content.

Story -

Anushka Sharma & Neil Bhoopalam are happily married couples. He wants to make up for the nightmarish attack happened on his wife so takes her on a getaway trip on her birthday. On their way they get involved in an honour killing & become target of those killers. How they survive forms the rest of the story.

Plusses -

  1. Terrific performance by Anushka Sharma.
  2. Chilling performance by Deepti Naval who mouths the dialogue 'beti thi woh humari, jo karna tha so karna tha', justifying the honour killing of her daughter.
  3. Superb performance by the villain.
  4. The whole atmosphere of the film is very brutally realistic.
  5. None of the killings are gory. Compared to similar English films this is literally nothing. But the violence shown is sadistic.
  6. The caste system theme & the reason of honour killing is well explained.
  7. The movie's slow pace in the first half doesn't bother much as the events unfolding are cringeworthy.

Minusses -

  1. Too many cliches. It shows the village people are uneducated & are brutal rapist & murderers while urban people are intelligent & good people.
  2. Talking about cliche, the moment someone speaks Haryanvi then we know he's a criminal. Needless stereotype.
  3. The scenes where the couple get involved in the horrifying honour killings is shot amateurishly.
  4. One of the gang member insists killing Neil Bhoopalam while keeping Anushka for a day for him to enjoy her thoroughly before killing her. I wish his killing was shot well enough to capitalize the emotions towards the end. The way his death is shown just doesn't make us happy & I'm sad.
  5. The whole Neil Bhoopalam angle was again looked amateurish. Ofcourse in that intense situation people tend to make such mistakes but then we're prone to so many movies on this genre that it looks tamer as well as a lame reason for Anushka Sharma to go all crazy. Typical Indian film mentality I must say.
  6. The second half starts sharply but the moment the director copies from EDEN LAKE it loses it's value.
  7. How can Censor Board doesn't contribute here? Losers changed 'randi' to 'jhoothi'. No common sense whatsoever that a change like that could entirely ruin the scene itself. Why would anybody get angry on being called 'jhoothi'? How can you understand the character who uses that word & the character who gets called by that word? This is ridiculous !

My Rating - 3/5

Final Words - Eden Lake Desi Version

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NH10 was a very film.. The film is abt Meera and Arjun,two eye witnesses of an honour killing in NH10 Haryana part,their cat and mouse game with the killers and police and finally revenge... Performances,direction,screenplay everything was fine.. I found the film pretty entertaining as is always the case with me in such films. My rating 4/5(probably might decrease after repeat viewing).

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My review of NH10..!!
A story of a couple who witness an honour killing..and the problems they get delved into thereafter..
A plus point of the film is the way the director goes into the details explaining the reasons for honour killing..
The film is set in dark riveting atmosphere which increases your excitement when you watch it..
The only minus point is the stereotypes depicted in the film.and a bit amatuerish and unconvincing sequence of events..
Anushka Sharma did an excellent job..Neil Bhoopalam did his part well..Deepti Naval was superb in her role.
Overall it is a very good film to watch if you like dark films.
My rating -- 3.75/5

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No Interest....................................................................................It can't be a Mardaani.

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