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RGV, SS Rajamouli & his wife, Puri Jagannadh along with various other celebs watched the 5 am benefit show of Temper.


Have a look at the tweets of RGV,

 · 17h17 hours ago

Off to Bramharamba theatre to watch the 5 o clock show of Tarak's and Jagan's Temper..first time I ever did in more than 30 years

 · 17h17 hours ago

Rajmouli me and Poori Jagan watching Temper 5 o clock show at Brahmataambha...the audience frenzy has to be seen to be believed

 · 14h14 hours ago

Jst out of Temper .Tarak is a fcuking mixture of super confidence nd hyper songs he looks like he's possessed by electricity

 · 13h13 hours ago

In Temper Poori Jagan is in his careers best form be it dialogue,taking and best of all in conception of Hero's character

 · 13h13 hours ago

Vakkantham Vamsi, Anup Reubens and Shyam k naidu very very finely tempered the steel of "Temper"

 · 13h13 hours ago

After "Temper" Junior NTR shud be called Senior NTR and Senior NTR shud be called Junior NTR

 · 12h12 hours ago

After seeing "Temper'I feel there can't be a better director than Jagan for Chiranjeevigaaru's # 150th film

 · 11h11 hours ago

No one can give better heroism and dialogue for a hero than Jagan and "Temper" is proof Chiranjeevigaaru's 150th will RRROCKK with Jagan

 · 11h11 hours ago

If Mega star's fans don't believe me they shud see Temper and decide for themselves

 · 4h4 hours ago

Fans of all other Hero's shud watch "Temper" and make all concerned to understand what Heroism means


Check out the tweets of SS Rajamouli,

 · 13h13 hours ago

Along with his trade mark characterisations and dialogues garu also gives a strong script and a super climax.

 · 13h13 hours ago

Tarak takes his acting abilities a notch higher and excels. police station scene and especially the court scene will be remembered for long

 · 13h13 hours ago

Congratulations to the whole team of . Time for celebrations!!!

 · 12h12 hours ago

Apologies.. script was by Vakkanthan Vamsi garu. Tarak always had a high opinion on him and he proved his mettle. Very good work…

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I'm waiting for your MSG review. :p

I'll watch it on Monday, if there are tickets available.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
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No no.. My quota of suffering ended with Action Jackson. I thought Mysore was spared but then in the morning realized the multiplex ran a 9.30am show of MSG.

May be if it was 2hrs or 2hr 30mins film I would've watched it. But it's close to 3hrs 20mins & I don't have the strength in me to survive that.
I heard that watching MSG is equal to watching 4 movies of different genres.

I urge you to watch it. It has everything in it to be a cult classic.
Let's see whether the movie stays for this weekend atleast in Mysore.
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what is public response of the movie ? positive or neagative ?

by Casting Director (18.8k points)
Towards positive.. Average to good.

The rape issue will affect the film in the long run with family audience staying away. Normal audience who want mindless entertainment will not like it too as there is no unnecessary comedy track inserted. Too many action scenes for a serious film without a separate comedy track so that's a tricky thing as a section of the masses will not like it. NTR has danced excellently so that's a plus.