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First things first,

1. NTR Jr. got emotional during the audio launch & told his fans live that he has given his all for this film, that he wouldn't disappoint them like his last few films. NTR Jr. has stood by his promise. He has lived the character & once again proved why he's one of the terrific actor of Indian cinema.

2. Puri Jagannadh is the director for this film but the story isn't written by him. A huge relief & that shows on screen. A big thank you for that.

3. Never seen before court scene. I can vouch, as many films I've seen till now, I've never come across such a scene. This is the biggest highlight of the film & any respect for the film, this particular scenes deserves maximum applause.


NTR Jr plays an orphan who used to be a thief when he was a kid. At that age itself, he realizes the bad side of a cop & believes that being a cop will make him powerful, making how much ever money he wants. He works hard to pass his 10th while cheats to get a degree in order to become a cop while sincerely passing all the physical tests. Now he has grown up to this corrupted criminal cop who loots everyone, helps bad guys & cheats innocent people... everything for his own selfishness. He doesn't care about people, he doesn't care about the law. What changes such a bad cop to redeem himself & become a good cop forms the entire story. Unlike one scene changing him, the movie perfectly captures every single moment of his journey towards redemption. 



1. Superb writing of characters. While NTR Jr is the bad cop, they've Posani Krishna Murali playing an honest cop which actually is NTR Jr's conscience. This is the masterstroke on the part of the writer. Throughout the film, the clashes between these two works as a reminder as NTR arguing with his own conscience, getting his morales questioned. The beauty of these scenes is something to be witnessed on screen.

2. Shear entertainment in the second half. Right after the Interval Dhamki, audience get surprised as well as entertained by the scenes that follow. They're really hilarious. Pre-interval, NTR Jr threatens the villain Prakash Raj with whom he had joined hands in the beginning in all his crime. Post-interval, Prakash Raj orders NTR's hit, sending his henchmen in search of NTR while he's on hiding & not answering Prakash's calls. What happens next is the unexpected, NTR Jr sends an sms to Prakash Raj saying "East or West, Friendship is the best". Again these particular scenes in the second half is something to be enjoyed on screen.

3. Unlike other commercial films where just for the sake of hero's image, the writers compromise badly. Here they've taken the risk. NTR Jr in the first half is made to be the most hated character on screen till the interval bang. He does nothing to appreciate, he's shown doing terrible heinous crimes which will make everyone hate him. This again is a plus for the film, as the first half is routine, this is what that stands out giving meaning to the powerful scene in the second half where NTR apologizes to the innocent whom he cheated saying "I only knew to survive, never learned to live. Because I didn't have my parents with me to teach that."

4. And the never seen before court scene twist. This is what makes the audience overlook all the loopholes & logic-less scenes. I am still wondering why didn't writers come up with this before when they wrote thousands of court scenes. The dialogues are super powerful & acting by NTR Jr in that scene takes it to a whole different level. The dialogues reflect the voices of common man,

"Mera Bharat Mahan... we have the freedom to look at girl & aaramse rape her. But our law doesn't have the freedom to punish the rapists."

"Criminals have the balls to admit our crime. You as a judge, do you have the balls to punish them by giving death by hanging verdict"

5. Let's admit, we want to do the exact things whenever we see the rapists on tv or on newspaper. NTR Jr asks for 10mins of time to beat the sh!t out of those rapists in the prison. He kills them in 5 mins & asks the fellow cop "sir still 5 mins is left, if you have any more rapists like them in your prison, bring them to me... 5 mins is enough for me." Why wouldn't anybody get their temper increased & love this scene?



1. Straight away, the film climax doesn't has NTR Jr & Prakash Raj fighting. If anybody expects that then they'll be disappointed.

2. The rape scenes. Yes for me it was perfect as they didn't show the "Rape" so that perverts can shag on. But it's about a helpless girl held captive for 40 days, raped & tortured by 4 sadistic men.... whenever she begs to kill her, she'll be raped, burnt with acid, sharp objects inserted inside her & later killed. They don't show the rape, but they show the torture, she being tied, beaten with belt, drilled with the handheld driller..... in short if you're weak hearted, this is not for you.

3. Censor board directed the above mentioned scenes to be shown in black & white. They didn't ask to cut it. But bloody buggers asked the climax fight to be trimmed by 30% reducing the violence. Hypocrites didn't have problem with rape & torture scenes but they got the scene where rapists get killed was cut by 30%. Salute them.

4. Like I said, it's a commercial entertainer so logic does go for a toss. Couple of ordinary illogical scenes creep in here & there, but the emotions are so high that you'll ignore them. Only if you're the one to nag then these scenes might be a minus.



NTR Jr is in top form. Take a bow young tiger. He gives a controlled performance, showing varied emotions throughout while justifying his outburst in the end. He has lived up to his promise. Kajal Aggarwal is there for only songs & few 'is that supposed to be funny' comedy scenes. Posani Krishna Murali shines in his role of honest cop correcting NTR Jr throughout the film. We were tired of seeing him in same type of roles, this is a much needed change. Prakash Raj, it's a cakewalk for him. He dances, that's good to see & his camaraderie with NTR is perfect. Subbaraju & other 3 villains are apt. I wish Subbaraju does better & different character roles. Ali doesn't evoke laughter & same goes to Kovai Sarala.


MY RATING - 3.5/5 (For Young Tiger's emotional performance and the court scene twist.)


FINAL WORDS - Temper is a cleverly written commercial fare. It plays the right emotions & gets it right. This is what NTR Jr needed at the moment.

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@Filman ... It's not the best film or something. It's a better entertainer compared to previous NTR's films as well as Puri Jagan's films. It's the key scenes, infact well made 2nd half that makes it a good watch forgetting the ordinary first half. Have to see how masses take the film as there's no separate comedy scenes in the film or Brahmanandam. 2nd half starts of with hilarious scene but soon the film gets heavier with the rape issue. Like I said, it's hard to watch for weak hearted & obviously family audience wouldn't appreciate it.
@dilip1555 You watched Pataas right? When you watch Temper, do tell me what's the similarity between these two films apart from these 2 step brothers (NTR & NKR) playing cops. I read a review where a reviewer complained about few elements being similar to Pataas.
yes i watched pataas. Will tell u if there are any similarities once i watched the film
@suhas Agree regarding court scene. It surprised me. Though unique but also risky. I think it paid off quite handsomely in the end.

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Good Analysis...
i think this may b remade in bwood by IYKWIM....

by Editor (82.6k points)
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I don't think it would be remade. It's a Puri film, Prabhudheva might've laid his eyes on it & thinking to cast Akshay, but chances of it never happening is high.
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Looks like that Motu has given a good movie.btw is it the same movie for which he had six pack abs..
While reading your review only one thing came to my mind that 'Yaar ye film ki Salman ke saath remake banni chahiye'.but it should be shot on grand scale and some good director should direct it.

by Director (132k points)
Yes he made six packs for this which he shows in one song post interval & nothing else.

No, Salman wouldn't suit a corrupted cop as he'll be largely compared with Chulbul Pandey. Plus, in this film, the cop is actually a criminal who has no regards for common man. He threatens a old man by getting his only grand daughter (her parents dead) kidnapped, to sell his land to the bad guys. Major spoiler... He helps the villain's 4 brothers escape from jail, well if you read the review you know what those 4 brothers do after escaping from jail.

Salman wouldn't even watch the original in order to even think of remaking it now. The Garv days are over to see such scenes in a Bhai's flick.
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thnx for the review..............................

by Casting Director (18.3k points)