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Dialogue 1 (NTR Jr) - Naa Peru Daya, Naaku lende adi

English Translation - My name is Daya & I've none of it.

Hindi Translation - Mera naam hai Daya aur woh mere paas nahi hai.


Dialogue 2 (NTR Jr) - Sub Inspector of Police, Department paruvu theeyadanike putta.. fully corrupted, criminal minded, 100% cunning !!!

English Translation - Sub Inspector of Police, born to put the department in shame... fully corrupted, criminal minded, 100% cunning !!!

Hindi Translation - Sub Inspector of Police, department ki naak katane ke liye hi paida hua hoon... fully corrupted, criminal minded, 100% cunning !!!


Dialogue 3 (Ntr Jr on Kajal Aggarwal) - Hey Murthy aa pillani choosyava? Animal lover anta.. manakante animal evarunnadu ikkada?

English Translation - Hey Murthy did you see that girl? She's an animal lover it seems... Is there any animal bigger than me here? 

Hindi Translation - Hey Murthy dekha uss ladki ko? Khudko Animal lover kehti hai.. Mujhse bhi bada animal kaun hai yaha?


Dialogue 4 (Kajal & NTR Jr) - Na I'm not translating this to Hindi.

Kajal Aggarwal - Maa kukkalu crossing vachayi.. Meeru koncham help chestara? (Our dogs have come to the phase of crossing, will you help?)

NTR Jr - Ikkada memu crossing vachi chala kaalam ayindi, mammalni evaru pattinchukoru. (Even I've been in that crossing phase for a long time now, nobody's caring about me)


Dialogue 5 (Prakash Raj & NTR Jr face off)

Prakash Raj - yeh lopala naa ego hurt avuddi (Hey my ego will get hurt inside)

Hindi translation - Mere andar ka ego ko dard hoga.

NTR Jr - Neek ego lopale vuntademo, naaku naa chuttu wi-fi la vuntadi (Your ego might stay inside only, but my ego has surrounded me like wi-fi)

Hindi translation - Tumhara ego andar hi rehta hoga, mera ego mere chaaro aur hi wi-fi jaisa ghera hua rehta hai.


Dialogue 6 (NTR Jr to the baddies)

Babu taagesunnanu individual ga concentrate cheyyaleka potunnanu please co-operate.

English Translation - Guys I am drunk & I am not able to concentrate individually, please co-operate.

Hindi Translation - Boss main tunn ho gaya hun, ek ek ke upar concentrate kar nahi paa raha hun.. please co-operate.


Dialogue 7 (NTR Jr.) - Jeevitham evvarini odali pettadu, andari saradha theerchesthadi naakuda theeri poyindi aayina maaruthanani guarantee ledu...

Rough / Crass translation - Life doesn't leave anyone... it'll screw everyone, even it screwed me royally... even then there's no guarantee that I'll change. 

Hindi translation - Zindagi kisi ko nahi chodti... sab ki le leti hai... mera bhi le liya khaske.. phir bhi mere badalne ka koi guarantee nahi hai.

asked in Opinion by Mega Star (246k points)
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That hope got lost right after Pokiri... Now it's all about a single line story, filled with punch dialogues as well as sharp dialogues... in short it's all about dialogues. I'm even not enjoying any songs from his movies nowadays. So a hyper hero who yaps at everything, speaking harshly to everyone & suddenly loving a girl... She's in trouble, villains are after her so he'll kill them all to save her. And bam that's his every film's narration style.

1. Pokiri - Undercover cop who joins the mafia. We all know the story. But atleast he copied from Internal Affairs aka The Departed for the basic story line.
2. Golimaar - An honest cop who forms his own mafia. Ah this one's different, unlike the heroine, heroine's mother gets killed so he gets on his killing spree.
3. Businessman - An ordinary guy with extraordinary arrogance forms his own mafia ends up falling truly in love with a girl for whom he's ready to kill himself.
4. Temper - A corrupted cop.. trailer shows he falls for a girl. With villains trying to attack her it's clear that's what he's trying to do... take on the villains for her.

Let's just forget Puri ever made Iddarammayilatho or even Heart Attack.. But still the heroes in both the films are very much similar as far as running behind the girls & dialogue maaroing. Only thing is in Heart Attack Nitin gets beaten up a lot even from the heroine.

Another one I missed is CGR... Chalo yaar what freaking story it had?

Coming back to the trailer of Temper, I liked 2 dialogues in it but 2nd one has nothing new in it.

Businessman - round up chesi confuse cheyyoddu....
Temper - Taagesunnanu individual ga concentrate cheyaleka potunnanu....

Let Puri come up with something actually new for a change or atleast tell an old story in a new way. He's freaking re-telling the same story & repeating same characters over & over again. After Rabhasa I don't have it in me to watch an NTR Jr film without worrying.
True that. Puri started on a brilliant note with some good films with Ravi Teja. Of course he reached zenith with pokiri. Even i feel the same. He is trying to say same story with different actors from many movies. About Ntr the less said the better. He lost it completely. Btw I liked Neninthe Movie of him which he did after Pokiri. True hero characterization is almost same for that one too. But atleast setting,backdrop and issues it raised are different.
Neninthe being a film-making backdrop story, even in that it was the baddies lusting for the heroine with her sister's husband trying to betray her... Ravi Teja who loves her, tries to fight for her while trying to succeed as a director himself.

True it was a well made film. But it was from here on Puri started roaming around the same type of subplots. I mean too many one dimensional characters. Puri needs to break that habit of his because those characters are looking too boring. Even in Temper, we know Prakash Raj is the villain but from the trailer itself we know he's the weak one not menacing.
True. Prakash Raj is doing stereotyped villain characters in many films. His role as Mafia don has become common and very artificial off late. It all started with pokiri.And puris films became so predictable due to similar characters and plots in many films. Its almost like how SV has a template after Ready and dookudu, this is template Puri is following with same subplots. Its actually sad because he is much more talented than that.

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hoping best result from the movie for Jr.ntr. he has deliveres big failures in recent time so he need big hit to back in race.........

answered by Casting Director (18k points)
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Just one word Awesome........ Sub Inspector of Police, Department paruvu theeyadanike putta.. fully corrupted, criminal minded, 100% cunning !!! this one best best

answered by Assistant Director (53.4k points)