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Saw Khamoshiyan today.Didn't go with any expectations.And it turned to be an ok movie.The film is about a writer(Ali Fazal) who has lost his touch and decides to go to Jammu and write a good book.He stays in guest house where he meets Meera(Sapna Pabbi) whose husband was paralysed.And then the story goes on.Film has an average first half with great songs.There's nothing much in it except how Ali Fasal and Sapna falling in love.Film's second half is interesting and better.Gurmeet does a fine job on debut.It has some horror scenes.Climax is a big plus point.Coming to lead cast,both actors do well.Sapna Pabbi is average in acting,but she looks superhot and sexy throughout.She is amazingly gorgeous.The intimate scenes will heat you up.Music is superb.Direction and cinematography are good and so is the background score.Movie is just a timepass,you can skip it.My rating 2.5/5.

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Don't waste your time on these films..................

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