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Q. The opening of Baby was so low so is Akshay Kumar losing his initial draw?

Ans. It was action thriller but the promos showed that the storytelling style was niche and the masses kept away. You are up against it to pull in a big initial for content that looks niche and towards the boring type from promos. As far as losing initial draw, the initials of Gabbar and Brothers will decide that either way.

S. Glaad


Q. Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are the biggest stars today but would be correct to say the are biggest superstars ever as various surveys online show either one of the them come on top?

Ans. There is always chance of them coming out on top as they are the present and nobody will take a name who was a superstar 50 or 75 years ago. It will always be presently working actors coming out on top as they are the youth's favourites today. Surveys hardly ever represent the actual picture.

A. Raju


Q. Which film has better chances out of Hawaizaada and Khamoshiyan?

Ans. Hawaizaada looks a disaster so out of the two Khamoshiyan will do better but not necessarily be a winner.

M. Deshmukh


Q. Last year Jai Ho was released at this time and there was huge negativity in the media and trade and it was called a disaster but this year Baby has not half the numbers put it is being reported positively. Is it Salman Khan factor as surely there is not much difference in the budgets of the film as Baby actually looks a more grand product.

Ans. Its not about the actors. Just the people who write about films and the media world have liked Baby so the positivity is there and whatever the collections they will be shown in a positive way. Jai Ho was more in the commercial format and these types find less appreciation amongst writers though the formal has much more watchers.

Arif Khan

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Well Holiday and Entertainment have proved that he is not big anymore.Some craps he has done is the past are affecting his good movies.He has good lineups of film like Gabbar and Warrior..But Gabbar will have low initials but with content it can do better which will create faith among audience for him.Warrior will open huge but for that Siddharth will also be sharing the credit..I think he should not do Singh is Bling which can again bring him down.

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