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SUHAS Achchi picture bani hai, sirf akele mat dekho instead 3 logon ko batao aur unn 3 logon ko ek ek karke 3 aur logon ko Jai Ho dekhne ke liye kaho.

4/5 (As a fan)

3.5/5 (As a viewer)

3/5 (As a fan of Stalin)

NIKHIL This movie of Salman had no SALMANISM. Wait starts for KICK. No Rating
AMOL Jai Ho Best Movie Of Salman after Tere Naam No Rating
CRIMINAL Jai Ho is a one time watch movie with so many over-the-top actions and so less drama. You'll feel the same taste as all other Salman films. 3/5
ANAND1199 Overall it's a good entertainer , a one time watch for general public and two-or-three times watch Salman Khan die-hard fans. 3.25/5 + 0.5 for the message
NAVOARSENAL  Its not very good but better than other salman films like Dabangg 2, Bodyguard.It has a very strong message.The action scenes are ok,bt salman's roar like a tiger was entertaining. 3/5 + 0.5 for the message
BAADSHAH Bhai ny Bhai k ly li 1.5/5
KARAN KHAN It must watch movie for Salman fans or even non salman fans.

4/5 (As an audience)

3/5 (As a critic)

PLAYBOY in total JAI HO is superb movie its better than all last 5 bbs 4/5 + 0.5 for Salman's angry expressions

Good film

Salman- 4.5/5


Go for it. It's definitely worth a watch. You will not regret it.

PS. I'm not a Salman fan.

- Best Movie After 3Idiots 4.5/5



He didn't watch the movie but gave a review that pleased haters to give 21 up votes.

But I liked this particular line from him... 

Last words: Lucky Mukesh[cancer victim] died before watching this crap.

But credit for Ammy to come up with another line which every media person as well as trade used throughout the year...

Jai Ho is an disappointing start to this year.



Well the fan in me after re-reading the edited version of Ammy is making me say "I am loving the start 2015 has got".


Anyways moving on... let me share the public response video, Jai Ho received strong praises from the crowd something which helped Jai Ho to go past 100cr but couldn't transform into bigger collections as expected from the film.

But since I've checked every possible first day first show crowd review videos from 2009 onwards, very few films had people talking like this. No wonder Salman Khan & the Khandaan were completely confused looking at the collections not matching at all with the positive response the film received.



Let me see what did I tweet... I know I didn't tweet review the film.

 · Jan 25

.. single screen ki baat hi kuch aur hai.

in Opinion by All Time best! (262k points)
99% Accept Rate

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@Suhas Baby will be hit atleast not like crappiest film of 20141
I want Baby to be a hit atleast jatinder. I watched Baby for that sole purpose of supporting it. After Boss, this was the first Akshay Kumar film I watched in the theater & since Boss I had watched only 2 Akshay's films, one being Holiday & the other one Baby. I've still not watched Entertainment beyond the first 15mins.

So that's not going to work on me. And I don't question your opinion regarding crappiest film of 2014. Now do you see me talk about HNY, I mean generally we don't speak about sh!t right? Is you questioning me change my opinion on HNY? Infact I don't even have to even try. You're among a group, you praise HNY that's when you become an odd man out.
Points added. Nice post
Thank you @Pallav Mathur...

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Jai Ho was a good movie and I enjoyed it more than Kick when I watched first time in theatre....Pre-Interval Scene was awesome....As a general audience -4/5

by Producer (103k points)
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+1 vote

As a fan,i was disspointed when i saw jai ho because mujhe stalin bahut achhi lagi.agar sohail ki jagah murgadoss director hota to result different ho sakta tha.and salman aur tabu ko chodkar casting bhi ekdam ghatiya thi
still my rating- 2/5.
for Stalin - 4.5/5

by Casting Director (18.6k points)
@Vinay you deserve to b in my favourite users list.. +1
thnx,@ Irdwhelp................
@Vinay ur most welcome dude..
+1 vote

To be frank i was very upset after Jai ho..
bcoz.. if Stalin was like Dabangg...
whr as Jai ho was looking like Dabangg-2..
very poor execution by Sohail..
he missed some most effective scenes n that chain of helping 3 peole was more like a forced one..

by Editor (85.6k points)

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