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Saw late night show yesterday. Very good movie. Expected better from Neeraj interms of script and missions are way too convenient. Dialogues are good. Akshay was apt. 3.75/5.
@Dilip same here....
I expected Better Climax..
Movie was very good But Climax was bit Disappointing (S26 and A wednesday climax were Superb)
Climax Was Like--
Bhigaya Dhoya aur Ho Gye (Surf exel ad)
Now i understand y ppl aren't watching it in theater!

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It's a freaking thriller with enough twists so not going spoil by revealing any of the plot details. Straight away moving onto the plus & minus of the film.

Plusses -

  1. Strong performances by Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher & Danny Denzongpa.
  2. Great narration style of Neeraj Pandey. Even though the movie does fall short in comparison with A Wednesday, the whole narrative style makes it a compelling watch.
  3. The dialogues.. Man oh man, that's something to experience.
  4. The insertion of scenes balanced throughout the movie.
  5. The twists that come at the right time creating the right impact.
  6. The last 30 minutes of the film reaches a new high. Kudos to Neeraj Pandey & the cast.

Minusses -

  1. The movie has some scenes dragged a bit which almost loses it's impact. There are moments that "slightly" seems boring but that's masterfully covered by actors dialogues. Once Anupam Kher shows up, it's just a big treat.
  2. Kay Kay Menon is under-utilized which stood out as a sore point. Expected more of him.
  3. Rana Daggubati had 2 good scenes but for the rest of the scenes he seemed to be just working out to stay fit for his next film Baahubali.
  4. It should've been trimmed by 15mins or so. They had the advantage of last 30mins so they could've trimmed the runtime from the stretched scenes. (By stretched scenes, doesn't include the last 30mins because every second we wait, it's worth it.)
  5. Somehow lacks the finesse expected from Neeraj Pandey as we were expecting something to be better than or at par with his previous works.

Stand Out Scenes -

  1. Akshay Kumar's superb dialogue "Religion wala jo column hota hai usme hum bold aur capital mein INDIAN likhte hai"... Hats off to the writers. You watch the movie, you'll clap for this scene.
  2. Sushant Singh's interrogation. Experience it.
  3. The very first mission with Jamal. See how it's pulled off.
  4. Every scene featuring Akshay Kumar & Murali Sharma who plays PA to the minister. Loved it thoroughly.
  5. Anupam Kher's ranting. Anupam Kher calling the other two Tarzan & Hulk. Basically every scene in the last 30 mins.

Performances -

Akshay Kumar is in full form & lives the character. Danny Denzongpa is first rate. Anupam Kher steals the show right from the moment he arrives on screen (for those who care, he arrives roughly 100mins into the movie). Rana Daggubati looks good on screen but he doesn't do much. Taapsee Pannu is okay. Didn't really find the much praised hand to hand combat scene to be that praise-worthy. Murali Sharma & Sushant Singh tickle the funny bone supremely. Kay Kay Menon is wasted except for 1 terrific scene in the first half. Madhurima Tuli is seen as Akshay's wife, she just contributes to increasing the runtime but her "bas marna mat" dialogue was good.

Technical Department -

This is Neeraj Pandey's first big budget film. I would say it's money well spent except for the blast scene which looked a bit ordinary in a film that's been lavishly shot. Outdoor shots are superb especially Dubai.

You just cannot discredit Neeraj Pandey's direction. So what if the movie didn't surpass the likes of A Wednesday, he still delivers... the movie delivers.

My Rating - 3.5/5 infact 4/5 (For Akshay doing this film, taking the risk without being repetitive.)

Final Words - If you were among the ones who criticized Akshay's last 2 years work then it's about time you pay him your respect as well as all the praises you've been stocking up from him past 2 years. Movies like this aren't made that often.

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The dialogues, oh man, I agree with that completely The dialogues are enough to give you goosebumps, and especially that religion wala dialogue, and the background music during the dialogue. And one thing for sure no one can make a thriller ad humorous as Neeraj Pandey. Few scenes like slapping Murali Sharma and Anupam Kher's entry etc were clap worthy. I think Neeraj is making his own genre as 'humorous thrillers'.

Best review. Points added

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I was going to watch baby with high expectations on first show at 9 am occupacy was decent around 35% which is better than entertainment and holiday for same show, film starts with narration by firoz saab (danny) and set itself in firsr 10-15 miniuts then the pace increases and you got ingaged with it , in first half there are couple of clapworthy dialouges specially the one where akshay said " religion ke coloumn me hum bold aur capital me indian likhte hain" then the story goes on with some brillient action sequences which looks real, but lifts upto a diffrent level in last hour with shuklaji take charge . Film had hardly any dull moment .
direction is superb and bgm is top notch, production value is rich as all the locations shoots greatly.
performancewise each and every actor did brillient job.
my raring is 4.5/5 as i was expecting that they were interogate with maulana in the end but it wasn't happened but i would say it is one of the best thriller of bollywood, and the usp is the reality, it looks completly real and that may dent its collection so my buissness rating is 3.25/5 but i won't care about it, just go and catch it.

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Who else found similarity between Baby & D-Day?
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It is an story of a under cover agent who is on a trial mission of 5 year which is termed as BABY. It is a mission to hunt down the terrorists who are planning some bomb blasts in different parts of India. Whole of the story revolves around the terrorism.
Film is definitely one of the best thrillers of bollywood and all the credit goes to very talented Neeraj Pandey. He has done great job as an director as well as writer. Dialogues sets the mood of film. Baby is best work of Neeraj Padey till date.
Akshay: He steals the show with his perfect body language and dialogue delivery throughout the movie his explanation for Nationality in the film was one of the most clapworthy scene. His hand to hand combat action and chase sequences were excellent. This time he will be not only nominated but will surely win a national award
Anupam: Take a bow man what a great actor he is being. He enters the screen in second half and just rocks with each passing scene and dialogues. His dialogues like "Yar Ajay tere sath kaam karna yani ki apni ** worth a claps.
Tapsee: I was surprised with her act. Never expected her to do such a great acting. Her hand to hand combat action scene in Hotel recieved most of the seeties and taalis.
Rest of cast also did a perfect job KK menon was superb as Bilal he didn't had much of screen space but still he did great job.
Film is very different from regular bollywood movies and is must watch watch for every one. It is a high octane thriller which thrills you throughout the movie.
Strongly Recommended.

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Agree with everything except best performance of Neeraj.
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I Told One Day Neeraj Pandey Is The Christopher Nolan Of India!! Any Problem?

Before starting my review I would say Baby is nowhere near A Wednesday and on par or slightly more/less than Special 26, but it's easily the best action thriller (though it would be Don 2 for best crime thriller with grand looks). Neeraj Pandey tried something more than suspense thriller with humor and succeeded. Though film lags behind Holiday in terms of entertainment value.

Plot: A team lead by Ajay (Akshay) and command by Danny completes 3 missions to stop some terrorist activities. And the team name is Baby.

Direction: A masterful direction by Neeraj Pandey! No doubt I enjoy his films and he is one of my favourite director (being a thriller fan) and he did a job that i expect from him.

Performance: Akshay is growing more & more as an actor, this film is another prove. He did a fabulous job with some great humor, better than Holiday. Tapsee was good in her short role and got huge cheers during her action scene. The main villain performed well, don't know his name though, Kay Kay had nothing much to do and did whatever needed as he always do, Danny too had nothing much to do than to stay in the headquarter and waiting for Ajay to give him some good news, Anupam Kher as Shukla was just terrific, he can be termed as a 'plus point' of Baby. Rana Dagubatti did his job fairly and looked like a hunk, Akshay's wife, The guy that helps Baby team in the last mission, all did a decent performance.

Screenplay: I have a little complain regarding screenplay as it was bit stretched on the second half, but still it doesnt impact anything on film's brilliantness!

Songs: N/A


  • Akshay's Solid Performance
  • Punchlines, Especially Those By Akshay.
  • Tapsee Pannu's Action Scene Was Clap Worthy.
  • Anupam Kher As Shukla Steals The Second Half.
  • The Thrill At The Climax, Gives You Goosebumps.
  • Of Course The Locations.


  • The Background Score Which Resembles With Special 26 & Holiday, though doesn't impact as much as Holiday's one.
  • The Thing I Want In Every Neeraj Films, Missing Here! That's The Surprise Ending Like His Previous Two Films. Though The Last Scene Was Edge Of The Seat But Still It Was Bit..Ununderstable (couldn't found a better word)

Overall, Baby has a everything to be a brilliant thriller, humor, action, looks, performances and Neeraj Pandey. My rating 3.75/5.

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Only one word-OUTSTANDING. Baby in India's answer to Argo. Direction and other technical aspects wise,its Neeraj's best film.All the actors did a good job,but have to say hero of the film is Neeraj. The treatment of the film is very hollywood-ish,which is what would make it hard to bring in mass audience..Kudos to Akshay for doing this film,it'd be a landmark film in his career.. My rating 4.5/5..Hope it becomes a BB,but i know its not possible..The only problem i think was that Akshay did just a "good" job,i know he has his limitations so i don't have much qualms about it..

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I agree with that dilip,but going by BW standards it was good.
Bhai Machhar ki Tarah pakad ke le aaye....
Kuchh toh Complicated/Twist dena tha like S26 or A Wednesday...
@moviezfun Same views...lol
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The Best Movie To Come On Occasion Of Republic Day Since Rang De Basanti.

BABY is adorable like a small baby. But, it's not innocent as babies nature go. It's violent that have been succeed to thrill me till the last moment of this movie. Dealing with hottest topic of the world ''Terrorism'', this movie makes you feel sometimes apprehensive over question how safer we're living in world of terror and more of times it makes you feel proudful of our country INDIA and of our high spirited dedicated countryman.

Top class direction by Neeraj Panday, with no doubt his direction is the best aspect of Baby. Neeraj's high moral and intellectual value works big time here. Brilliant execution of a noble and lofty concept, accomplished a grand purpose. An exalted class of performance by each and every characters, Akshay easily comes out as a best performer. Although others are no any less. Loved fight and chasing sequences done by Akshay. Tapsse Panu made greater impact on me. Loved her in every scene. All other casts have done their work tremendously well. In addition, it's also a brilliant film by other technical aspects. Appreciate the way it has been shot, very clean, sophisticated and advanced.

Final Verdict : Although, it fall little short of my expectation 'cause I felt story could have been more intelligent, I wanted it to be more struggling mission to be accomplished. And since it has some resemble of Argo in climax, I wanted it to be more kick *** than Argo that didn't happen though. Nevertheless, you just can't miss it watching on auspicious period of Republic Day. It deserve to be given a damn by public on Republic Day.

My Rating : 8/10

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Watched Baby.. Not writing a complete review just sharing my opinion.
Neeraj Pandey 's Direction - The film is not his best but it is definitely a edge of the seat high octane thriller with a good amount of twists.. Some of them are not so intriguing but are excellent considering bollywood standards. The style of narration is superb. The script is excellently drafted and executed.
Akshay Kumar- He was fantastic and has given one of the finest performance of his career. His dialogue delivery was super awesome especially Religion - Indian dialogue.
Anupam Kher was a treat to watch. He took the intensity to another level whenever he was on screen.
Danny, Tapsee, Kay Kay, Rana, Sushant all played their part exceedingly well.
Watch the film for
1 - Neeraj Pandey's unique style of direction.
2 - Stellar performances by Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher.
3 - Superb dialogues which are clap and whistle worthy.
4 - The last, 30 mins of high octane thrill and suspense.
My overall Rating - 4.5/5

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I Havn't Seen 'A Wednesday' But This One Was Better Than 'Special 26'...Akshay Again Proved That He is 1 of d Most Versatile Actor We Have, Others Were Also Good...Loved d Direction...4/5*...It Should Collect Around 70 Cr. Atleast...Deserves A Hit Verdict

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Baby : A perfect start to 2015

Baby is an excellent movie, it keeps you engaged and hardly any dull moment. The plot is amazing.

I normally don't review movies but this movie deserves everything so trying to post one.
Direction is fabulous. I I would say Neeraj Pandey is definitely amongst the best director of India.

Acting was the plus of the movie,Akshay Kumar, Anupam kher all fantastic performances.

Yeah there was 90% occupancy today. I would say that it is the perfect film for republic day. There were applaudes and clapping all over the film. Capital aur Bold main Indian, that no problem scene in last, that lady beating the shit out of Sushant Singh and many more scenes got the louder of the claps!

I saw no body saying that this was a bad film. I 'm very much proud this film was made. Kudos, Team baby, you made a gem!

There are many scenes that you'd thoroughly enjoy. Baby is really a THRILLER!. i would say A Wednesday >>Baby >Special 26.


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Saw noon show of Baby yesterday.Good to see that theatre was full.Not a single empty seat.Coming to the film,its great from start to finish.Akshay shines in whole movie.Film's first half is good and engaging with some good action.Danny does a great job.He plays head of group who goes for mission named Baby to remove terrorism.Film movies in brisk pace thoroughly.Second half is even better.Tapsee Ponnu looks too beautiful and does a superb job.Watch out for her fight scene.Anupam Kher's character is introduced and he steals the show.Such a great talent.Rana doesn't have much to do but does fine job.Last 40 mins and climax keeps us hooked on edge of the seat.Film had many clapworthy moments and people supported it.This is one of the best performances of Akki's career.Hats off to Neeraj Pandey.What a director.We need more movies from him.Good that film didn't had any mindless song.Film's direction and cinematography is fantastic.Its a treat to watch.History Is Made by those who give a Damn!! My rating 4.5/5.A must watch.

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