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Dolly Ki Doli will face an uphill struggle at the box office with chances of success looking remote. These type of films find it tough anyway and competition with Baby will make the task almost impossible for Dolly Ki Doli unless content is very strong. 

A clash at the box office today is simply a no no and and if one film is smaller than it could suffer badly. It happens again and again but it is pretty simple that most people who want to watch a Hindi film this week are likely to go for Baby. Dolly Ki Doli is getting the screen space it needs but that only matters if the audience is there and in this case its odds on that the regular multiplex goer will be watching Baby.

The are over fifty Fridays and around 35-40 main releases so it should not be hard these 35-40 releases to have a solo release. Dolly Ki Dolly is one of these main films and needed an open week to do the maximum business its content will allow.. 

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Considering Superb Reviews and Content Baby will crush Dkd untill and unless they have very good and Unique content (which they don't have)
They should have release movie in Ipl or with less competetion...
Khubsurat (Starring Sonam) sustained because they have to compete with Dei (Smaaler movie) which is not in case of Baby (2nd Movie of Akki-Neeraj after S26 and 3rd movie of pandey and His all work got Great response from Multiplex audience)

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Dolly ki Doli ka toh pata nahi lekin arthi jarur uthegi iss Shukrawar ko.

Ram Naam Satya Hai.

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