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PK has finally hit the 600 crore mark worldwide after 32 days. It had looked the film will go past the 600 gross mark easily but the business slowed acrossed the globe in the last ten days or so. 

Still it has become the first film to cross 600 crore wordwide and beats the Dhoom 3 figure of 540 crore. The gross (GBOC) in India is 442 crore and Overseas the film has grossed 159 crore for a total of 601 crore. It is looking at a 610 crore Worldwide finish and could add more in Overseas later if it goes to other markets in the second phase.

The top five worldwide grossers now are PK, Dhoom 3, Chennai Express, 3 Idiots and Kick.

asked in Opinion by Mega Star (237k points)
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Great feat by an Indian movie, every year collections are increasing, but these collection will come down and Bollywood movie again struggle to cross 300cr worldwide after Khan's retirement.

answered by Director (134k points)
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Khans won't retire for another decade. They will stay big till they hit 60.
If till there retirement , there movies collects 1000cr worldwide, even than after there retirement stars like Ranbir or Ranveer can rarely cross 500cr ww which will also need a universal appealing genre and content of course. (Though I said 1000cr just as a figure)
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Oh.... Chennai Express Ahead of 3idiots in terms of Worldwide Gross...

But How????

answered by Producer (114k points)
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What so interesting about it? BOI had said that last year itself that CE is ahead of 3 Idiots worldwide.
Yeah thats correct ifcwe calculate in INR cause of overseas differnce cause dollar rate vs rs in late 2009 was 46 and in 2013 august it was 66.....
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so pk is the first 100m $ indian movie..................

answered by Assistant Director (53.7k points)
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P.K hit $100 mil awhile ago (BOXOFFICEMOJO)

answered by Camera Operator (8.9k points)
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Gross- 430 Crores + 159 Crores- 589 Crores will not touch 600 crores..........Fake BOI.com

answered by All Time best! (282k points)
They've so clearly shown 442cr + 159cr = 601cr.

The addition is so far good..

Has BOI quoted 430cr anywhere in the above article?

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