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Top Grossing Films :

PK Expected- 323 Crores

Dhoom 3- 273 Crores (All)

Chennai Express- 218 Crores

Kick- 213 Crores

Krrish 3- 208 Crores (All)

3 Idiots- 203 Crores

Happy New Year- 194 Crores (All)

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USS site se kya umeed rakh skte hain jo 1999 Hum Saath Saath Hain ko 2005 mein 16Cr bolke Semi hit bolti hai shyd wo Early Estimate hoga Fir 2007 mein 20Cr Semi hit bolti hai wo 2nd early estimate hoga. Fir 2009 mein 28Cr Hit wo 3rd early estimate Fir 2014 mein 39.17Cr Blockbuster...... Yeaahhh 15 saal Baad exact collections mil gye aakhir.......Ab 2005 se pehle tak ka kisiko nhi pata hai par 2006 se baaki source bhi aaye aur humne ye bhi dekha ki USS waqt kya collections diye gye the tou 2006-2009 main Old jo USS waqt diya gya tha wo follow kr skta hun aur 2010 se saaf Baat hai ye biased site hai na inka kch ata pata hai jo manna majboori hai wo thk hai par ab 2010 se inse better sources hain tou Yahi kahunga best site hai.

by Casting Director (19.9k points)
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Ya he is Right and the collection of Pk is still A estimate...
42 to 40 to 36...
So now Pk would be
24 to 21 to 18 crore opening....

by Production Accountant (28.9k points)
with due respect you fcuked boi off. Nailed it bro.
Ty bro... But This BOI.COM deserves more then this..
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Bakchod office india is fcuked out now. CE aur PK same banner but Collection for PK is same for BOI and producers where CE has 20 crore difference. bOI stop this shit otherwise with full authority and respect Fcuk you.

by Second Unit Director (77.5k points)
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Suhas didn't say that. Suhas said that it was BOI who quoted that estimate. Their article still said 38cr-40cr range. Their final update came at 36.50cr.

Forget other websites, I go by the feeling that figures itself will be higher. When Kick was 213cr I knew it'll be reduced. 212.83cr later became 211cr. Fine by me. Similar way I know PK's will go lesser when the final tally happens.

In case of HNY even if any sites shouted 40cr I was sure about HNY not doing 40cr first day. I expected it to be 37cr first day or may be a surprising 38cr but BOI surprised me differently with 36.50cr that's all.

by All Time best! (262k points)
Record holders are decided based on the collections only.. If they know that certain films collections will come in the range of say 36-37cr then to call that film a record holder, their minimum estimate itself will be higher than previous grosser, meaning the final tally will not go below the previous grosser. If they've the previous holder at 36.50cr, their minimum for new record holder will be 36.50cr only. Atleast in that sense they're sure that film even if decreases it's collection will not go below 36.50cr but stay above it. Until or unless that isn't clear then they wouldn't call anything a record holder.

Their estimates is what works fine. For one film they make the estimate for a day will make 25cr. The film falls short because evening show to night shows the occupancy didn't sustain. A theater which ran a housefull show for 6.30pm show, got hardly 60% attendance for the 9.30pm show. Based on the previous shows performance as well as the ticket sales trend, they make an estimate of 75%-80% for the night shows, if the movie in the end gets only 60% occupancy for the night shows in that circuit, the film's collection is bound to get decreased. So even if they quoted 25cr, that 60% occupancy rate forces them to change their estimates to 23cr. When they do that it doesn't mean they got the exact collection in 2-3 days. They've given you the best possible estimate which will be +1 or -1cr difference in the final tally but not more than that.

In case of HNY, the first day itself they said collections are in the range of 38cr-40cr... After that for the sake of weekend report one article of mentioned 40cr only. Because they were estimating based on the big opening it got. The moment the 2nd & 3rd day happened to be 28cr range, they realized the drop in collections was big even though the drop in occupancy didn't suggest a 12cr drop. That's why the finall tally makes sense here. This is what the producers tried to match when they took time to announce. They had already quoted a high 42cr nett, so they went with 32cr or 33cr second day showing 9cr drop based on the occupancy rates. A 42cr first day & 28cr second day would've sounded devastating, which would've clearly affected the film from monday itself. They withheld the weekend collections to save the film from further damage which paid off since the film did sustain in the weekdays.
suhas, ur points are still not convincing at all bro....
they always declare records immediatly or within 1-2 days, its not like minimum or max estimate se kam ya zyada hai to otherwise nahi karege.and many times actual data comes more than max or less than min expectations for example hny first day is way less than min exp.(+1 or -1 se zyada)
i am still on my conclusion that  that either they get exact data within 2-3days or they manipulate in such a way that records shouldnt change.
new boi started a trend of giving each days data in every days article and they did same for pk also but not for hny. and this trend of giving each days data seperatly in every days article also suggests that they are getting almost accurate data within 1-2days itself rather than months..
Arre bhai zikr... ACTUAL DATAS NEVER COME. That's the truth. ACTUALS are never made known to public. Forget boi & other sites, the producers of the film themselves don't release ACTUAL FIGURES. It hasn't happened before & it won't happen now or in future.

Here's the official disclaimer by BOI...

"the only aim for the website is to provide realistic and authentic figures. The figures on the website are not taken from producers or distributors of the respective films but independent estimates from our sources and then cross checked through cinema collections. Box Office India was the first source in India to report accurate collections in terms of nett figures which changed how box office collections were reported in India as the industry took to it and then the trade, media and other websites followed."

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