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Share your views on this heart touching scene & epic performance in this scene.

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asked Jan 18, 2015 in Opinion by suhas All Time best! (255,651 points)
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Just one word, Epic! the scene touches your heart & soul and upar se acting of Vikram, just amazing how he performed the role, and that expression after she went away, you can't express that expression by words!

answered Jan 18, 2015 by Criminal Director (134,885 points)
selected Jan 19, 2015 by suhas
+1 vote

This Scene Was Completely Emotional and the Expressions by VIKRAM were What we say TOP class.... The scene Was Predictable but the Way the Scene Was shown was not Expected... Ya during The scene there was silence in the theatre and it was heart touching too....

answered Jan 18, 2015 by lucifer Production Accountant (28,863 points)
+1 vote

The scene where it was revealed that Dr. vasu was the 5th villain..was the most shocking..
Vikram 's expressions were truly amazing Despite the deformed face emotions were clearly noticeable.. Total Class..
One cannot give such expressions unless he is Vikram.

answered Jan 18, 2015 by Anand1199 Star (150,427 points)
That scene was shocking it to you. Even in the 2nd viewing, almost everyone in the theater had already guessed who was the 5th villain.
I was stupid not to able to guess it..
agree...I was sure of it when Amy's mother asked him to marry her!
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I don't know man,i didn't cry or feel emotional or anything at this scene where amy treats him like a beggar,like a normal human would.Infact i found the ending pretty stupid(where amy wants to live with deformed vikram).

answered Jan 18, 2015 by Navoarsenal All Time best! (267,367 points)
Acting was great though.
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The scene after Bhagwan Hai Kaha Re Tu is Epic........ Nothing can match that scene!

answered Jan 18, 2015 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (75,193 points)
The scene after Bhagwan Hai Kaha Re Tu is Epic
- Agree

Nothing can match that scene!
- Far too many scenes available to disagree with your line & couple of such scenes are of Aamir only.

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