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+3 votes
I think the records which have slight chance is Biggest first week which prdp can break if wom is good rest the opening day,weekend records held by hny could be broken rest all records of pk are out of reach imo atleast this year.
in Box Office Related by Director (130k points)
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Shahrukh-khan (HNY ) Still has Highest Single Day Record official (44.97cr) and Trade Figure- 40cr..
Believe it or not.. but every one knows that...

4 Answers

+1 vote

Boxoffice is unpredictable. at least think once hahk director-actor jodi coming

by Editor (88.5k points)
I know this film will be huge but dont think it will appeal to each and everyone so even with very good wom dont think it will even do 300 crs.
+1 vote

If Rohit Shetty next with SRK(biggest commercial entertainer this year) really can release this christmas then these following records will be broken

Biggest Christmas day record even if it releases on 18th December(If wom is good),

Biggest second weekend record if it releases exactly on 18th December or 25th december(If wom is good),

Biggest New year day collection record if it releases on 25th december(if wom is good),

Biggest third weekend record if it releases exactly on 18th december(If wom is very good),

I don't think any others film except SRK-Rohit Shetty next can beat any kind of record which is held by PK .

by Producer (112k points)
Prdp has very good release like raone if gets good wom then expect week 1 record of pk to be broken if srk-rohit film comes then yes week 1 records could be broken but no way any film of 2015 has any chance to break records of pk post week 1.
PRDP will release on Thursday(Post Diwali Day) unlike Ra.one which released on wednesday(Diwali Day) . Four Day weekend will be huge due to Stardom, no doubt but after that I think it will surely struggle on weekdays . Even if wom is mixed then it might struggle in weekend itself like Happy New Year did on from sunday itself . I think, there is a chance that it might get mixed wom(as it is Bharjatya type family drama which might get rejected by Multiplexe audience) . So highest first week record will be out of reach for any films this year even Rohit Shetty next with SRK too . Christmas and New Year holiday both fall on Friday this year . Thats why there is a chance to make biggest second weekend and third weekend(if releases on 18th december) as well as biggest Christmas and New Year(if it releases on 25th december) record by Rohit Shetty next with SRK .
Agree but i am saying with good wom and in plexes who knows prdp might be loved more you never no.
0 votes

If any actor beats Pk lifetime.... Bookmark this, I'll quit this forum.........

by Second Unit Director (76.5k points)
Then bro u will be there in forum in 2016
Thanks bro!.................
0 votes

I don't think so, at least not after the second weekend!

by Director (135k points)