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I have counted Dhobi Ghat also.
not just that but 5beautiful performances in form of Talaash, DG, PK, D3, Ghajini n thats why he is awesome

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There have been 5 all time grossers since 08,ghajini,3i,ce,d3,pk,Aamir had 4 of them.Amazing.

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Oh ok samjha
You coward idiot 9 fan,RNBDJ was Non-festive and Non-promoted movie that released on Dec. 12 and Did 86.5 Cr Nett while Christmas release,most promoted movie Ghajini released On Dec. 25 and did 114 Cr Nett acc. To Amirofficeindia.com(even inflated figure by B. Hungama was 95 Cr and Actual was around 82 Cr)...so which movie release first?lol..
Released first se kya hota hai,rnbdj was like local train and ghajini was like a bullet train which raced past local train even after starting late and crossed finish line(dhoom2) first which even u know.What's the point of lying to yourself and make urself look like an ultra retard.
Lmao...when did Ghajini crossed before RNBDJ?Lol.....BTW OSO(86 Cr) was highest grosser till RNBDJ.....RIP Amiriofficeindia.com....even according to AOI.com,it was 86 Crore before.....and acc. To all trade sites,OSO-86 Cr...
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This is the routine story from last 6 years as Aamir sir continuously breaking records after records with every commercial release plus good performance while all other actors are just trying to catch him but failed.....

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Oh my God(Aamir)!.................

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100 crore club was started by Sunny Deol in 2001.

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Ghajini's actual was 82 Crore..even according to Bollywood hungama's inflated figure its 95 Crore...and even according to Ibos,3 Idiots-190 Crore.....So 3 idiots was first 100 Crore movie.......CE was First 200 Crore movie and RNBDJ with 86.5 Crore was Highest Grosser till 3 Idiots...

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No Founder of 100 Club Was Salman With HAHK...And Founder of 150,200 SRK

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Blanka bhaisaab aap ke toh apne hi club bane hue toh uska kya kehne
Real Champ.. aur Bazigaar ke answers padhlo.. Thoda aur hassi ajayegi.

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