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1) BOI says Aamir has only 9-10 hits (other sites say he has more)

2) D3 is the highest worldwide grosser by a LONG way but SRK is #1 in the worldwide rankings and has held this position a lot over the last few years
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don't know whether it is pro-aamir or not....but it is not trustworthy anymore.
hhahaha aur BOI to tere trust pay hi zinda hai na ...tu trust nahe karay ga to wo log to bhookay marr jayeinge

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Good post Raja,btw inc.PK it'd be 11 in boi.BTW don't pay attention to fake a/c fake champ and his fake posts and stats.

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Look first give me a link where NEW BOI stated AAMIR has 10 hits????it is now a pro aamir site...The link which it shows SRK no 1 was after HNY.....now it will be changed.they do it after every big film...SRK 3rd in domestic from a year....
BOI stated HNY did 40 crores then they reduced to 36.75 only on the day when PK made 37 crores....r u making us fool?
UTV does manipulation..CE 208 or 227.Barfi 106 to 114,Kick 213 to 230...But in case of PK
Prod fig=boi PK is not aamir khan production film.we say aamir hasnt manipulated

YRF does does manipulation .ETT 183 to 199.JTJH 101 to 120....But in case where Dhoom 3 made 262...YRF manipulation had to be the most but collections almost same.only manipulation of 6-7 in Hindi Version
That makes me believe BOI post Prod fig in case of Aamir Khan starrers..............
I am ok with PK making records but why reducing SRK collections to make records...
BOI.CO.IN give territory wise figs...BOI fluctuates to make fake records...

Girish Johar+Amul Mohan and every one state HNY made 40 crores on day 1 even BOI said the same but reducing that too on day when PK makes 37...
HNY 36.75....and PK 25 lakh more...

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BOI.co.in states producer figures for SRK starrers....
ett 186cr............kam na kar oye rangeeliya
lol.....3cr sy jis trha Salman ny 396cr ko cross kr laina h na
@puneetshukla i have stated before BOI.COM pro aamir and BOI.CO.IN pro srk
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BoxOfficeIndia.co.in PK WEEK ONE NBOC :- 171,21,00,000 http://www.boxofficeindia.co.in/weekly-collections-–-box-office/ PK Day 8 :- 13,31,00,000 http://www.boxofficeindia.co.in/pk-day-eight-all-india-nboc/ Total 8 days NBOC :- 184,52,00,000. Territory Week Collections :- http://www.boxofficeindia.co.in/weekly-collections-territory/ Mumbai :- 56,49,00,000 ; Delhi - U.P. :- 29,54,00,000 ; East Punjab :- 16,62,00,000 ; Mysore :- 12,70,00,000

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Agree with you if boi.com is pro-aamir site then how Talaash fell by just 8 crores as it is not difficult for aamir and makers to manipulate the figures and we all know how every body site and trade pundits give their figures ....

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Hahaha rahil terese hamara man bhar chuka hai,kisi aur customer ko dhund.
@deepak abe Raahil nahi Rahil...only one 'a'....
@navo I know about ur homosexual relationshib with hrsg.he told me..so u better keep calm.
Dekh rahil mujhe pata hai aajkal tera dhanda manda hai,koi nahi,mil jaega
shut up idiot....i don't want to argue with a person who is yet to learn decimal numbers.
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They only can increase collection, how can they refuse a real obvious fact??

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Ok...i will answer your questions-
Amir ka Total 4 Hits tha including TZP,its 5....pehle 5 ko 10 Hits kiya...i mean 10 ko 10 Nahin kya 20 Hits bolenge?aur Lagaan jo max. Average/Above Average hona chahiye Hit diya.....
Star Power opening(weekend) se judge hota hai....aur SRK hamesha excellent Opening deta hai be it in india,overseas or WW.
And now mera answer de-
Both Fanaa,KANK released in same year and both were record breaking openers.,and budget of fanaa-40 Cr,KANK-42 Cr.....Nett of Fanaa-52 Cr...Nett of KANK-48 Cr...so how Fanaa is Super Hit if KANK is just Semi Hit?
Mohabbatein having 2.09 Cr footfalls jo Ghajini ka 2 Cr FF se jyada hai only 'SUPER HIT'?
Devdas jiska 1.8 Cr footfalls hai only Hit?
Pehle JTHJ ka 122 Cr ko(even BOI.co.in gave 122 Cr...BOI ne 91 Cr week diya baad mein 80 Cr kar diya) 102 Cr kiya,phir usse only Hit tag diya?
CE ka 218.6 Cr ko 208 Cr diya?
HNY ka kya kiya sabko pata hai.
*PK mujhe bolne ki jarurat hai?

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Mera questions ka answer de,tujhe khud pata chal jayega.
The fact that BOI always adjusts their figures does not prove anything.
You are a blind BOI.com follower........i can prove you  BOI.co.in is bigger,better and more trustable than BOI.com....

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