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Ankit007 and moviezfun are the new moderators of ItsBoxOfficeForum. I and Zin have decided it with the consent of both users.

We hope both of your will carry out in a fair and unbiased manner.

Other users are also requested to coperate with them.

~ Council Of Mods and  Admins-ItsBoxOfficeForum ~

in Official by Star (151k points)
96% Accept Rate
@Tyler @navo sahi waqt par sahi faisla Liya jayega..You need not worry
@Anand1199.......Good decision boss. +1 from my side.
Mai kitne mahino se bol rha tha moviezfun ko ke tu mod ban jaa..finally he accepted it. Congrats to both!
@Anand1199 gud decision ....acche din aa gye

8 Answers

+4 votes
Best answer

Overwhelming moment. Hehe

Pleasure to know, guyz are supporting your masterpiece decision/choices.

Anyways. Hoping guyz keep loving and co-operating me like they do now. And nothing will change with my this status. I'll try my best to distribute peace here. Proud to be a Gandhi'ian. Hehe

by Assistant Director (52.3k points)
selected by
You think. I'll ban you.?? Bhai, I': one who requested Zin to unban you that time when we had fight and I made a post to Zin ki ban you. That time I was angry and I made that post. I've regret for that.. yeh meri fitrat nahi hai. Banning is solution of nothing. I think ki main badhiya interaction karke problems ko sort out kar sakta hoon. And, believe me. I not gonna ban anyone in my period of modship.
''I think ki main badhiya interaction karke problems ko sort out kar sakta hoon''
arre ankit vai ab toh bura man gaye. Main toh mazak kar raha tha. Anyway congo to u again.
Arre I bhi toh just keeping my point out ki I've made a principle after getting modship not to ban anyone. That's it. Waise, sukriya bhai jaan.
+6 votes

a brilliant decision by management ..... both are very good users..... both know how to deal with stuff.....

by Star (157k points)
Lol as if @GN is very mature! Look at his questions and say which user can give him competition in terms of childishness... I think none!
Thnx bhai...
aray wah....yahan to bra pyaar oomand rha h
+5 votes

Great work congratulation @moviezfun and @Ankit007, how that both of you will so great and unbiased job... but there is only one problem that both are still showing as experts, kindly check what's the problem . . 007

by Mega Star (216k points)
Virtual?? Don't worry ek din wo tangible bhi hogi.
Sukriya Baadshah! All Hail Srkian.
shut up....its always been ALL HAIL LORD BLANKA
but all SRKians r not Lord Blanka
+5 votes

Congratulations ankit and moviesfun....................

by Editor (88.6k points)
Sukriya Bhai..
Thnx bhai...
+5 votes

Many many congratulations 2 both of u.......badhai ho badhai forum me 2 naye mods paida huye h!!!hehe......

U both r sensible n unbiased,hope u continue to maintain d good job unlike some biased mods!

by Executive Producer (69.9k points)
Sukriya Bhai! Waise, Paida to pahle se hi the. Jo kaam pahle unofficially karte the. Wo ab officially karunga. Hehe
Thnx bhai...
+5 votes

Good decision.Congrats to both.They are two great users.Hope they don't hide my posts.Just joking Just kidding.

by Unit Manager (37.6k points)
Great people don't hide. They explore.
+5 votes

Very good decision...both Ankit and moviezfun are great and unbiased users with very good knowledge about All Kind of Cinema....both are well Deserving......congrats to you Both @Moviezfun and @Ankit.....

by Producer (101k points)
Good boy................
Thanks bhai for very gracious views.
+4 votes

happy anniversary to both of you...

by Director (135k points)
We believe in having threesome. Teri kami hai..
Bas kar Pagle Rulayega kya..

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