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in General by Production Accountant (23k points)
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Jab tak mai trailer nhi dekhta.. i don't expect or get excited! Even if it's from my fav star........

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1.Baby: Neeraj Pandey + Brilliant Cast (Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher & Danny Denzongpa)
2.Brothers: Karan Malhotra did Agneepath which was brilliant and he'll probably do a good job with this one even though it's another remake. It will be intresting to see how well Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra and Jackie Shroff perform.
3.Gabbar: I know it's a South Indian remake but Akki has a unique look and his role might be a good one.
4.Prem Dhan Ratan Payo: I think this will be something diffrent from Salman Khan e.g role and fresh script. Plus he's playing a double role which seems intresting and its also Sooraj Barjatya's comeback as a director.
5.Bajrangi Bhaijan: It's an action/drama movie not a remake which Salman has been doing since Wanted. I'm not keen on Kareena Kapoor being part this film as i would have prefered Deepika Paudkone or Kangana Ranut who never done a film with him.
6.Hero: The movie being a remake isn't really the reason why i'm excited. It's mainly because it has two star kids making debut so it will be intresting to see how well they perform. Plus, Salman Khan is producing the film and he's going to do what ever it takes to make this movie big.
7.Welcome Back: I can't wait to see Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar & Paresh Rawal reprise their roles. Plus, John Abraham, Shruti Hassan & Nasser might have intresting roles as well.
8.Phantom: Saif Ali Khan playing the main lead is pretty much the reason why excited to see this film.
9.Bajirao Mastani: The story seems intresting and Ranveer Singh will obviously play a huge part this film while Deepika and Priyanka Chopra will substanial roles.
10.Rocky Handsome: Same director who gave Force which was a good movie. I expect him do the same thing with this upcoming action flick.
11.Badiapur: I'm not a fan of Varun Dhawan but he will be playing an intense role which will have action in it and its something new from him.
12. Tevar: I know its a South Indian remake but it dosen't bother me as i've seen any their films. It will be good seeing Arjun Kapoor in a action film and i think massala movies suit him because he has that look of an action hero. Manoj Bajbai playing the bad guy will be intresting as well.
13.Roy: Ranbir Kapoor will doing be somthing diffrent this time besides his comedy & romance which he's done so many times. I expect good twists from this romance/thriller film.
14. Raees: If its releasing in next year but then i definetly would like to see this film. There are many reasons why e.g.Thriller, SRK playing a negative role & Gujarat which is where it will be filmed.

by Casting Director (19.3k points)
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  1. Raees (SRK in a thriller, that too as a baddy, what else do I need to wait for this film like a mad!)
  2. Baby (Neeraj Pandey, my personal favorite director + Akshay combo! Superb trailer already matched my expectations so waiting for it)
  3. In The Heart Of Sea (Based on Mobidick , one of my fav novel)
  4. FAN (I'm losing my faith on YRF, another reason to wait for this not much inspite of being SRK starrer)
  5. Detective Byomkesh Bakshi (Just because I love crime & detective thrillers)
by Director (135k points)
+1 vote place(spielberg and tom hanks do i need to say any other word?),2.hatefull eight(tarantino fan),3.bombay velvet and ugly(big fan of kashyap),4.raaes,fan and bajrangi bhaijan(well khans films), the trailer and also neeraj and akki pair)/dbb(great teaser and dibakar film)/age of ultron(great trailer and a big fan of the prequal).

by Unit Manager (34.3k points)
for st.james place..u can add coen bros. too...what a combination! Btw did u see the hateful eight teaser that was leaked few months back?
Oh yeah forget about coen brothers but who is the director?spielberg. and no i haven't seen the leaked teaser of hatefulll eight.btw what is your top 5 most awaited film of 2015 of hindi cinema and hollywood?(give list separately)and good to see you back where are you?
I'm coming daily but not posting/answering anything as i didnt find anything interesting. For hollywood, except for biggies i dont know abt release of other projects not posting anywhere. Apart from usual big films i'm interested to see movies like birdman, into the heart of sea etc. May be i'll have my awaited films list by jan end..that is when i'll get clearer picture of all the films (like this year boyhood..which is not big film but was my awaited) & festival circuits also start selecting the entries/give their awaited list by that time....i'll look at the trailers and decide if its appealing for me or not. .For Bollywood i think there is already a thread where i mentioned my top 10 or so.
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I am only waiting for films of Tushaar Kapoor , Aftab , Ayushman , Arshad warsi , Jacky bhagnani , Tiger Sherof, Dino morea , Niel nitin mukesh etc etc and you asked why ? Answer :- because noone is waiting for their films ....

by Production Accountant (23.1k points)

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