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Happy New Year V Bang Bang V Kick - Five Week Comparison - BOI

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The three biggest grossers of the year are Kick, Happy New Year and Bang Bang. These are not only the biggest grossers of the year but the most costliest films of the year. Bang Bang having the biggest cost to produce and release of over 160 crore making it the second most expensive Hindi film of all time.

The business of Kick and Happy New Year has been strong but the third week has disappointed compared to what the big releases did in 2013. Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express both grossed over 16 crore nett in week three.

It can be said that Kick and Happy new Year had competition in week three but it was a similar story for Chennai Express last year. The run of wide released films is getting shorter and shorter.

Below are the five week all India collections from the four the Delhi NCR area for New Year Bang Bang and Kick. (Note - Bang Bang first week is 8 days)

Five Weeks - Happy New Year V Bang Bang V Dhoom 3
Week Happy New Year Bang Bang Kick
One 1,33,35,00,000 1,12,81,00,000 1,55,71,00,000
Two 35,38,00,000 21,51,00,000 46,15,00,000
Three 7,45,00,000 6,04,00,000 8,36,00,000
Four  1,56,00,000 62,00,000 1,48,00,000
Five 34,00,000 8,00,000 26,00,000
TOTAL 1,78,08,00,000 1,41,06,00,000 2,11,96,00,000
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What was WW gross of Dhoom 3?(BOI figure)
Dhoom 3 - र 536.17cr

Domestic gross - र 3,45,65,00,000
Overseas gross - र 1,90,52,60,000
Total Worldwide gross - र 536,17,60,000

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HNY trended better then Kick after 2nd week.This proves that its Single screen which underperform in 1st and 2nd week in single screen otherwise figures would have been on par or better then Kick.Its only Starpower in plexes that even movies like HNY do well in plexes..Btw acc to them Bang Bang budget is 160cr. and thats huge.

answered Dec 1, 2014 by karan khan Director (132,143 points)
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Just wondering...Kick collected more than HNY in 3rd week..and u r saying that HNY trended better than Kick after second week??
Kick had a higher drop (82%) compared to HNY (79%) from second to third week, so HNY did trend a bit better.