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These Movie's are similar to each other tell me which is best according you

Dil Chahata Hai
Zindagi Na Milege Dobara
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ZNMD (You Don't Get to Live Life Twice) Name is enough to describe this movie.. you can learn many lessons from movie
Learn to challenge your fears..
Often we miss a lot in life by saying yes or no too soon..
The only way to remove your fear is to indulge in activity..
Forgive Forget and move on..
Money cnt buy all the happiness....

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Dil Chahta Hai......It Was A Very Gud Refreshing Movie....U Can Watch It Any Time,It Will Change Ur Mind Completely!!
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Dil Chahta Hai is the one, I liked more.

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all above movies are good but i liked dil chahata hai more

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ZNMD>>DCH>>ROCK ON.i liked ZNMD the most because of the amazing chemistry between the three,BAGWATI,the sayari penned by Javed Akhtar-to Zinda ho & the climax scene of the bull chasing

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