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BTW i haven't seen prestigr but have seen d3 so will it affect the fun..?? :-P
if I have pick only one than it is fight club .......
@tb-a little bit bt not much,only the trick was used,everything else was different,prestige's story revolves around that trick,d3's story revolves around the revenge and the story of two brothers.
@thunder bird 1% bhi effect nahi karega.
lekin yeh gurantee ke saath kahe sakta hoon ke d3 ka impression kharab ho jaega.

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In shutter island i was thinking that both the doctor were telling lies until they showed that flashback, but i felt sad for him after ending, he was cured but he by his will showed others that he is so living in cop character so they took him and...... i mean why I'm the hell leo he wanted to die when he understood the reality, why can't he just tell those people that yes I'm now cured and now living in reality
and honestly soaking i haven't seen any of the films you written except Se7en which also i seen only half but i read it's climax somewhere so it is now spoipped

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Yeah climax of se7en is very good even though i found the movie overrated but climax is the main plus point of the film.

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No, Climax of Seven was quite ordinary.. for me the best climax movies are:
The Sixth Sense
Shutter Island
The illusionist

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No,for me climax of Se7en was great but not as much as Shutter island or Fight Club.

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Se7en was definitely Great. But as far as climax is concerned,Shutter Island and Fight club stands out. After the climax rolls out for Shutter Island and Fight Club, it was all like What the hell was that

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