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Oy Vey !!! Yup! This is indeed happening for real.


Okay let me do some damage control...

Oh yeah, our Censor Board deleted this scene. The only way you could ever watch it is through a crappy blurry print that was leaked from the censor print.


Snap! I really think this one to do it now...



asked in Opinion by All Time best! (252k points)
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I think this will give some relief who got tortured...

I've shared the uncensored video link for topless & s-e-x scenes from Rang Rasiya under Tyler's answer as a comment. That will surely make up for it.
Ohh Yeshhhhhh....

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kya hota ja raha hai tujhe suhas....ya torture wala department to tu Grand Nova k pas hi rehne dai ...meri rozi roti ka swaal hai

answered by Star (149k points)
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Mine is on a lighter note.. I am not dwelling into your area of expertise. That's your domain.
damnnnn...nice mahn........ and they say suhas has no sense of humor
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Man, you're in form. Your narration held me!
And Priya Anand.. Who ?
And this is Sultry look na?
Im un-aware ;/

answered by Assistant Director (55.9k points)
Lagta hai Randeep naked painting karte karte, seduction ka shikar ho gya. Poor horny man. LOL
C'mon man, moving your hands for drawing delicate parts.. with full attention.. ooh.. Haivan toh paida ho hi jana hai
I guess this once I can get away with this...

Uncensored Nandana Sen topless scene in Rang Rasiya (deleted by CBFC)


But something tells me in some of the screens despite Censor Board deleting the scene, it was shown illegally.


Uncensored s-e-x scene from Rang Rasiya (The above pic ofcourse deleted by CBFC)

@suhas .. I watched the film in a single screen in my city and all the above scenes were shown..At that time , I wondered how these scenes were not censored..Now I know that they showed it illegally... (I did n't write the review for RangRasiya as I could n't figure out what to write. I went to see it on the same day I watched Interstellar..actually I watched the films back to back.
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May be it's weird but I liked all the pics specially RangRasiya pic but didn't get that;what's the problem with this scene...
One Query Who is that hottie in 2nd and 3rd pic??
I don't like sonakshi but this pic is ok(I guess because he is covered from all Angles)

answered by Producer (108k points)
2nd Pic - Trisha Krishnan. Yes she's the new heroine to Nandamuri Balakrishna now. If not in Tamil, she has now acted opposite all the 80's & 90's Superstars in Telugu industry - Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna & Balakrishna.

3rd pic is Rang Rasiya.

I guess you meant 4th pic, it's Priya Anand. She was there in English Vinglish.
I know both specially Trisha....
How can I missed that!!!I thought she is some new heroine....she is looking so young(I mean like some newcomer...)
I guess jaldi mai dekha toh pahchan nahi paya
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torture ? well it did.. but less than JAI HO ...... waiting for more tortures

answered by Production Accountant (23.1k points)
Good.. I was afraid if anything related to Salman was out of your list.

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